Underground Theory

March 14, 1996
2RSR (88.9 FM)
Sydney, AU

Radio Skid Row's Underground Theory from March 1996.

  • To Tha Break by Mad Flava
  • Drama Lord by M.O.P.
  • Beyond The 16th Parallel by B.R.O.T.H.E.R. Featuring Bernie Grant, Demon Boyz, Freshski, Gatecrash, Hijack, Junior San, London Posse, London Rhyme Syndicate, MC Mello, The Overlord, She Rockers, Standing Ovation, Cookie Crew, Icepick & Trouble And Bass
  • Hard Balls by Stored In4mation ‎
  • A Penny For My Thoughts by Common Sense
  • We Can't Be Stopped by Geto Boys
  • Zootie Bang by The Legion
  • Crazy Drunkin Style by Masta Ace Incorporated
  • Boy Meets World by Erick Sermon
  • Ever So Clear by Bushwick Bill
  • Got My Mind Made Up by 2Pac ‎Featuring Dat Nigga Daz, Kurupt & Method Man & Redman
  • Top Of The Line by M.O.P.
  • True And Livin' by Lord Finesse ‎
  • Same Song by Digital Underground
  • Blood, Sweat & Glory by 5th Ward Boyz ‎
  • Words Of Wisdom by 2Pac
  • Theme From The Black Hole by Parliament 
- Robert Sacchinelli