Help the Hip-Hop Radio Archive

Contribute (Music) to the Hip-Hop Radio Archive

Got tapes of radio shows from the 1980s or 90s (digitized or not)? Did you have a show on the radio that you've been looking to save and share? Have a web site where you've been posting links to your digitized audio on file sharing sites for years? E-mail and let's see what we can do about getting those shows preserved for the long term and added to our database. Proper credit will be given, of course.

Have an existing archive that includes hip-hop radio? Whether you're an official archive with a hip-hop collection or an individual with a less formal online archive, e-mail and we'll discuss how we can work together in a way that will promote your efforts.

Don't have tapes to contribute but would still like to help out? Help by submitting extra information about a given episode such as featured guests, names of the DJs, or tracklistings. The bottom of each episode has an e-mail link where you can submit updates.

(We do not take donations, advertising, or income of any sort. This is a service to the community to document and preserve hip-hop radio history.)