Underground Theory

Underground Theory, hosted by DJ Mista, aired on Sydney community radio station Radio Skid Row 2RSR 88.9 FM on Thursday nights from 11:30 PM to 1:30 AM starting in late 1995 and running until late 1996. It then changed its name to Diggin' In The Crates and in 1997 moved to a new time slot of 4PM to 6PM on Saturday afternoons. Co-host Chloe Lewis (a sister of one of the Metabass-n-Breath crew) joined at this time, bringing more of a commercial feel. The show led into Nino Brown's Flavour in ya Ear.

An emphasis was put on Australian hip-hop, pushing local artists, product, and shows. Guests such as DJ Soup, Thomas Rock, Phonetics, and Morganics would occasionally come through.

DJ Mista would later go on to briefly host a show on 2RDJ with a DJ named 9 Ways.

- Robert Sacchinelli, Mista

8 Episodes in the Archive

February 22, 19962RSR (88.9 FM)Sydney, AU
March 1, 19962RSR (88.9 FM)Sydney, AU
March 14, 19962RSR (88.9 FM)Sydney, AU
March 21, 19962RSR (88.9 FM)Sydney, AU
April 4, 19962RSR (88.9 FM)Sydney, AU
April 11, 19962RSR (88.9 FM)Sydney, AU
June 13, 19962RSR (88.9 FM)Sydney, AU
June 20, 19962RSR (88.9 FM)Sydney, AU