The Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Show

March 23, 1995
WKCR (89.9 FM)
New York, NY, USA (Columbia University)

This tape features incredible substitute mixes courtesy of DJ Mighty Mi,  HUMUNGANOID propers to Milo for sending them over. It's been extended via other recordings from the same evening, and I tried to remaster them a bit…

It's chock full of Golden Era classics and ‘buttery’ demo goodness, promo biz from Cage, OC & MC Serch, High & Mighty and the legendary Feels My Balls promo from Stretch & Bobbito themselves. Stretch was outta town, therefore the turntable action was left to one of Philadelphias finest DJs; Milo Berger from High & Mighty. Milo shares the broadcast time with Bobbito who is dropping dusty gems courtesy of his cassette archive of demos and live shows. Keep an ear out for a heavyweight Brand Nubian track being performed at Rock Steady park, it sounds unreleased to me, and could be called Ills of the Crack…?

There are demos from bunches of artists that didn’t go on to do much more, but are unquestionably worth a listen. As it goes with unreleased artists and tracks, there are a few mysteries, thankfully the good peoples over at Philaflava [and beyond] worked hard on uncovering info, so an element of the info I offer here appreciatively comes from elsewhere, and mine is simply additional to what has been listed in the past.

Track List
  • Parallax – Promo
  • Operation Ratification – Rotten Apple
  • EPMD – Let The Funk Flow
  • Mic Break
  • Mic Geronimo – Masta IC
  • Foul Play – Black Cloud [Demo]
  • Big L – 8 Iz Enuff
  • Large Professor – Get Off That Bullshit
  • Ras Kass – Won’t Catch Me Runnin
  • Nas – It Ain’t Hard To Tell Demo
  • Natural Elements – Live The Life
  • Ultramagnetic MC’s – Checkin’ My Style
  • Hurricane G feat. Erick Sermon and Redman – G-Milky
  • Big Daddy Kane & Biz Markie – Freestyle [Live at Masonic Temple 1986]
  • Mighty Mi / Mr Eon – 89.9 Promo
  • OC & Serch – 89.9 Promo
  • Mic Break over Bizzie Boys – Droppin It [Instrumental]
    DJ Mighty Mi Mix:
  • Class A Felony Diamond D & Lakim Shabazz – I Can’t Take No More
  • Freshco – Ain’t U Freshco ?
  • Ultramagnetic MC’s – Dolly and the Rat Trap
  • MC Lyte – Survival Of The Fittest [Remix]
  • Lord Finesse – Baby, You Nasty [Original 12″ Version]
  • Biz Markie – Cool V’s Tribute to Scratching
  • Master Ace – Go Where I Send Thee
  • Sugar Bear – Ready To Penetrate
  • Latee – This Cut’s Got Flavor
  • Divine Force – Holy War
  • Roxanne Shante – Pay Back [Free Beats]
  • JVC Force – The Move
  • Chill Rob G – Motivation
  • Lord Shafiyq – My Mic Is On Fire
  • Unique – Pure Dynamite
  • White Shadow Productions Bed
  • Mic Break w/ DJ Mighty Mi
  • Stretch & Bobbito – Feel My Balls Promo
  • Brand Nubian – Live at Rock Steady Anniversary [Inc lyrics from Puba Keep On]
  • Company Flow – 8 Steps To Perfection
  • Mic Break
  • Kid Hood – Drop The Bomb [Demo]
  • Grimm Reaper – Do It For The Kids [Demo]
  • L-Swift – Don’t Sleep [Demo]
  • Junior Mafia – Players Anthem [Clark Kent Remix]
  • Mic Break
  • Company Flow – Bad Touch Example
  • Cenobites – Keep On feat. Bobbito
  • Brand Nubian – Live at Rock Steady Anniversary [Unreleased track: Ills of the Crack]
  • Casual v Saafir – KMEL Freestyle Battle
  • Mic Break
  • Smoke Squad – Oohs & Ahhs [Demo]
  • Shadowz In The Dark – Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt [Demo]
  • Gary Storm & Nova – Times Are Gettin Harder [Demo]
  • Da Nation – The Shit [Demo]
  • Adagio – Boy And A Girl Tale
  • J-Treds – Planet Earth [Demo]
  • Mudbones [Cage] – Promo
  • Cenobites – Kick A Dope Verse [Remix]
  • Pop – For Real [Demo]
  • Mic Break
  • Cypher Complete – Like This [Demo]
  • Berry White – The Man Is Back [Demo]
  • Run DMC vs Treacherous Three Battle on Graffiti Rock [Kool Moe Dee & Special K]
  • Apani – Under Pressure [Demo]
  • Keith Nut [Demo]
  • ??? – Skills, Styles, Techniques [Demo]
  • Jace – What’s Ya Definition [Demo]
  • ??? – [Demo]
  • Organized Konfusion – Bring It On [Buckwild Remix]
  • Juggaknots – Clear Blue Skies
  • Souls of Mischief – Cab Fare
  • Organized Konfusion – Live at Rock Steady Anniversary
- Irish Craig - RandomRapRadio