Capital Rap Show

February 1, 1991
(95.8 FM)
London, England, UK

Here’s a weekenders worth of Tim Westwood, from the first February weekend of 1991, yep, that’s 28 years ago!

  • The first few tunes get rinsed on both nights!
  • Both the tapes are heavily paused and needed some digital tlc to sound good.
  • The DJ Biznizz mix got paused too.
  • Westwood attempts to mix 2 records together [Stet/Guy] and it sounds like the horse-racing at Doncaster!
  • Run DMC are in interview [pre-rec, not live in the studio]: They talk about the professional contrasts between Def Jam founders Rubin and Rush, and the personal differences that led to them parting ways. Run talks about bein ‘Closer to God’, for the first time. Jay talks about religion, how Joe ‘got a little deeper’ and his own JMJ Records. They discuss Smooth Ice, The Afros and their new groups’ forthcoming releases; erm, Hannibal King & Royalties of Rap…
  • Varying genres of dope music incl Rap, R&B and Ragga as well as a World Premiere of Cavemans’ Cool [Cos I Don’t Get Upset].
  • During the Jay the Sultan Source Report, the mighty Jon Shecter discusses the studio session for Don’t Curse, a movie featuring Rapper turned actor Ice T; New Jack City, and another movie featuring Rapper turned actor Ice Cube [Boyz n the Hood].