Raw Deal

January 17, 1992
WPRB (103.3 FM)
Princeton, NJ, USA (Princeton University)

2 1/4 hours from January 17, 1992. A lot of the music was cut off (meaning that these were songs I already had multiple times on tape), which kind of sucks, but there’s still a bunch there worth checking. Plus, there are some really great air breaks on this episode.

Something I noticed here, and in several other episodes: a lot of the drops that people did for the station had been very obviously edited. Usually it’s something like “I’m listening to Raw Deal with Easy-M (awkward cut) and my man G,” which means that Tony D’s name may have been cut out. I was thinking it was some sort of dis, but they shout to him on this episode, so I really don’t know.

Stuff to listen for:

  • Biz Markie’s cover of “They’re Coming to Take Me Away.” I totally forgot he had done this track back in ’86.
  • Lots of talk about violence at movie openings. Juice was opening that day, but they didn’t want to give away any tickets because of shooting incidents at a lot of recent “urban” movie openings.
  • Radio drops from Gang Starr, UMCs, Black Sheep, Treach, and and the Ultramagnetic MCs.
  • Side 1, from 25:02 through 25:11, my shout-out/friendly dis to the DJ I was working with at the time… always thought this one was kind of funny.
  • A nice track from Jaz, “Hypocritters.”
  • Easy-M relating how he showed a guy at Armand’s (a legendary record spot in Philly) his belly button ring (?!).
  • A kind of baffling sore-throat losenge ad for Cepacol and Cepastat.
  • Kicking off side 2, an underground track from some of Marc’s friends, Groovy Productions. It’s titled “Up to the Top” and I’m willing to bet this one never made it to vinyl. Sounds like it’s played off of cassette. Dope cut.
  • The “Hip-Hop Concert Calendar.”
  • G and Easy talking about the PM Dawn/KRS-One incident (2nd paragraph).
  • Black Poets’ “Clockwork.”
  • Studio guests include Clay Money and the Black Poets.
  • Tung Twista’s “Hocus Pocus,” which was the B-side to the “Mr. Tung Twista” 12″, but didn’t make it onto the album (a stupid move because the album was pretty short, IIRC).
  • A radio drop freestyle by DJ Kam and Zulu the One Man Gang (“Turn off your TV and tune into 103 / Because the radio doesn’t suck on PRB.”).
  • A public service announcement from the Lifers Group.

Side 3 ends with some house music from Easy-M’s “Sounds of the Underground.” It kicks off with a pretty jazzy little track.