Raw Deal

January 23, 1992
WPRB (103.3 FM)
Princeton, NJ, USA (Princeton University)

with DJ Polo (courtesy: G)
with DJ Polo (courtesy: G)

Side A starts off with in-studio guest DJ Polo (G Rap isn't in the studio because he's busy writing for Shanté's new album). There’s a lot of interesting stuff that comes up throughout.  Polo is pushing a 1-900 number (1-900-407-POLO) where he’s encouraging MCs to call and rhyme in exchange for a record deal.  He guarantees three rappers will get contracts.  Polo also discusses an upcoming solo album that will feature Eric B., Father MC, and Brand Nubian.  He says he rhymes on one of the songs, too, but declines G’s offer to step up for a Thursday Night Live freestyle.

Polo proclaims that he discovered Kool G. Rap and that without him, there would be no Eric B. and Rakim.  He also talks about a new TV show that will be debuting “in a month” that sounds like a precursor to Cribs where Polo will go to rappers’ houses and interview them there.  “I’m gonna take you up to Big Daddy Kane’s house when he’s all up in his drawers, and all that,” Polo promises, “’Cause I’m down with all the rappers.”

As far as I know, the Polo solo album never materialized and neither did his show.  And who knows what became of the 900 # record deal offer.  Nevertheless, Polo steps to the tables on side D for a dope Kool G Rap set. A couple of Philly rappers I've never heard of are mentioned off-handedly, MC Ludicrous and MC Mike T, who both supposedly had albums on the way.

The real gem, though, comes at 20:26 on side A, where they play a tape (?) copy of a brand new track from G Rap and Polo called “Keep It Swingin’.”  This version is different (and a thousand percent better) than the version that showed up on 1996’s Rated XXX compilation (same lyrics, different beat and delivery).  It definitely feels like it would have fit on Live and Let Die right next to “Operation CB” or “Letters.”  Anyone know if this version is actually available anywhere else?  I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s one of G Rap’s best.

Mike Elliot from Krush Video and Krush Radio is also in the studio.  He briefly mentions a new venture with Tony Mitchell as well as his upcoming book, The Unsigned Rapper’s Guide to Getting a Record Deal, which he self-published and eventually made a 12x return on his investment. Mike returns later on this episode to discuss it more.

Side B closes out with the first 18 minutes of Sounds of the Underground.

Side A

  • Airbreak - DJ Polo interview
  • Genius of Love... Tom Tom Club
  • Strobelight Honey... Black Sheep (cut)
  • Juice (Know the Ledge)... Eric B & Rakim
  • Duck Down... Boogie Down Productions
  • Mistadobalina... Del the Funky Homosapien (cut)
  • Uptown Anthem... Naughty By Nature
  • Airbreak
  • Keep It Swingin' (Original Version)... Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
  • Airbreak - Mike Elliot interview
  • Step To Me (Clean)... Tim Dog
  • Mr. Scarface... Scarface (cut)
  • Black Sheep drop
  • The Choice Is Yours... Black Sheep (cut)
  • Kuff... Shelly Thunder
  • Jazz (We've Got)... A Tribe Called Quest
  • Airbreak into DJ Polo's set

Side B

  • DJ Polo Intro
  • Butcher Shop... Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
  • Poison... Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
  • Road to the Riches... Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
  • It's a Demo... Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
  • Truly Yours... Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
  • Bad to the Bone (Large Professor Remix)... Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
  • Airbreak
  • ... into Sounds of the Underground