Club Krush

January 31, 1991
WPRB (103.3 FM)
Princeton, NJ, USA (Princeton University)

Remember back when everyone complained about MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice? Ah, those were the days. This early 1991 episode features discussion of the recent American Music Awards with Vanilla Ice winning and PE and Digital Underground's non-winning nominations.

Peep the surprising custom theme for PRB by Courageous Chief on side B. I don't remember it at all. We also hear the origin of G's "Mr. Softee" nickname in an uncomfortably awkward airbreak and a rare unreleased BeFyne song. This may be the only time it ever aired.

This episode's unanswered question: did G ever get his KRS tape back from Almighty?

Side A (9:00pm)

  • Express Yourself... N.W.A
  • Intro Airbreak into Eazy-M's set
  • Brothers On My Jock (feat. Redman)... EPMD
  • Looking At the Front Door... Main Source
  • The Hip-Hop Band... Stetsasonic
  • Ed Lover & Special Ed drops
  • Black to the Point... N-Tyce
  • Teachers, Don't Teach Us Nonsense... Leaders of the New School
  • Zig Zag Zig... Movement Ex
  • It's a Shame (Remix)... Monie Love
  • Airbreak into Tony D's set
  • Wake Up... Brand Nubian (cut)
  • Grand Verbalizer, What Time Is It (Remix instrumental)... X-Clan
  • Rebel Soul... Isis
  • Can't Escape the Hypeness... Blvd. Mosse
  • Bust the Mental (instrumental)... Low Key

Side B

  • Bust the Mental (instrumental)... Low Key (cont.)
  • Peep the Move (feat. Rahzii Hi-Power)... Tony D
  • Airbreak
  • Two Minute Brother... B.W.P.
  • Mind Blowin' (Remix)... The D.O.C.
  • Courageous Chief PRB theme (!!)
  • Funky Piano... EPMD
  • Change the Style... Son of Bazerk
  • Comprehend My Knowledge and Dance to the Beat... ?
  • Airbreak
  • J Dubs Theme... Son of Bazerk

Side Z

  • Bit the Hook... BeFyne
  • Wise to be a Wiseguy (feat. Tony D and BeFyne)... Baby Chill
  • The Gods Are Taking Heads (feat. Poor Righteous Teachers)... King Sun
  • Pretty Music... The New Birth
  • Droppin' Funky Verses... Tony D
  • A Little Bit of Dane Tonight... Dana Dane
  • Treat 'Em Right... Chubb Rock
  • Airbreak (over Drop the Bomb (Instrumental)... Brand Nubian)
  • (into Too Smooth)

  • DJs/Hosts: Eazy M, G, Tony D
  • Featuring: Black Prince, Candy Cane, Dre, Fudge, White Ski
  • Archive notes: Side A is a hybrid version of the radio recording with some of G's soundboard recording to fill in the tracks cut from the radio recording. G's soundboard version of most of Side A is included for completeness sake. Side Z is the closing of a show that seems to be this one based on the music played and the guests in studio; it is possible it may be a different show.
  • Credit: Laze, G (source)
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