Q102 Hip-Hop Review

May 9, 1993
WIOQ (102.1 FM)
Philadelphia, PA, USA

This stage of the Q102 Hip-Hop Review featured Cool B, Big Al, and Jay-Ski.

Brief interview with Positive K and, as usual, great selection from Jay (Crusaders, Bahamadia, Funk Family) and a dope demo battle in the Street Sounds Showdown. Few tracks I couldn’t figure out. Drops from Positive K, Art of Origin (Chino XL), and Da Youngsta’s and a great Mahorn’s ad by Zulu the One Man Gang.

(Dated by references to Mother’s Day, reference to the new Masta Ace track from Slaughtahouse, and a reference to the LA Lakers-Phoenix game.)

Side A
  • (pre-Hip-Hop Review) ?… Heavy D
  • Electric Avenue… Eddy Grant
  • (start of Hip-Hop Review) Airbreak intro
  • How the F Would You Know… Positive K
  • Illy Filly Funk… Da Youngsta's
  • Airbreak
  • Ads (including Simpsons Butterfinger, Hershey Park, and Zulu's Mahorn ad)
  • Black Cop… Boogie Down Productions
  • Airbreak
  • Off and On… Trends of Culture
  • Funk Vibe… Bahamadia
  • Reign of the Tec… The Beatnuts
  • Hip-Hop Hooray (Pete Rock Remix)… Naughty By Nature
  • Dwyck (feat. Nice & Smooth)… Gang Starr
  • Airbreak

Side B

  • Airbreak (cont.)
  • Slam… Onyx
  • Party & Bullshit… Biggie Smalls
  • Airbreak
  • Anyway… The Funk Family
  • Airbreak
  • Down with the King (feat. Pete Rock & CL Smooth)… Run-DMC
  • Airbreak/Ads
  • La Cosa Nostra… Crusaders For Real Hip Hop
  • Time 4 Sum Aksion… Redman
  • Positive K interview
  • Ain't No Crime… Positive K (partial)

Side C

  • Airbreak
  • Pork… The Pharcyde
  • Dre Day (feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg)… Dr. Dre
  • Six Million Ways To Die… Funkmaster Flex & 9 Double M
  • Ease Up… 3rd Eye & The Group Home (“ease up, why you wanna try play third eye out”)
  • Airbreak
  • The Mad Wunz… Masta Ace Incorporated (New Shot of the Week)
  • Street Sounds Showdown: Last Words… Black & Still Strong (reigning champ)
  • Street Sounds Showdown: Pirate Style… L&D (LND?) featuring Mr. Dynamite (challenger)
  • Ads including the Delaware Comedy Slam Jam
  • Airbreak
  • Off & On… Trends of Culture
  • It’s On… Naughty By Nature
  • Airbreak

Side D

  • Airbreak (cont.)
  • How I’m Comin’… L.L. Cool J
  • Illy Filly Funk… Da Youngsta’s
  • Airbreak
  • Passin’ Me By… The Pharcyde
  • Airbreak w/ Roll Call
  • Down with the King (feat. Pete Rock & CL Smooth)… Run-DMC
  • Airbreak
  • Funky Child… Lords of the Underground (cut)