Raw Deal

September 19, 1991
WPRB (103.3 FM)
Princeton, NJ, USA (Princeton University)

This may be the first special edition 11-hour episode that the Raw Deal crew did (though they did do a six hour New Year's Eve show at one point). Celebrating their five-year anniversary, this special episode started at 1pm, but my tape starts at about 2:15pm. If my school day ended right about 2, I likely got home, came straight upstairs, and hit record.

At the end of the 2:15pm side, a funny moment occurs when they play Busy Bee's "Suicide" and refer to him as "one of the coolest old men in hip-hop." Busy Bee was 28 at the time. G notes that "Genius' cousin Prince Rakeem may be stopping in later." Powerule is also stops by mid-afternoon and Organized Konfusion is supposed to call in by the end of the show.

The discussion about the forthcoming 30,000 watts for PRB is hyped up, potentially taking the station well into Philly.

About 9 3/4 of the 11 hours are included here.

from before the first tape starts

  • Sexy Fancy... Queen Latifah
  • Brand New Funk... DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
  • Funky Dividends... Three Times Dope

Starts at roughly 2:15pm

  • (starts with Ghetto Bastard, likely accidentally recorded when switching tapes)
  • Phony As Ya Wanna Be... The Genius
  • Smooth B drop
  • Ya Bad Chubbs... Chubb Rock
  • Hot Damn I'm Great... Poor Righteous Teachers
  • 2:29pm Airbreak (over Think About It (Instrumental)... Special Ed)
  • Ads
  • Suicide... Busy Bee
  • Mr. Boops... Resident Alien
  • Case of the P.T.A.... Leaders of the New School
  • DJ Kam and Zulu drop ("said it was Hammer's time")
  • Description of a Fool... A Tribe Called Quest
  • ABC News break
  • Pickin' Boogers... Biz Markie
  • Kings of Swing drop
  • Airbreak (over Description of a Fool (Instrumental)... A Tribe Called Quest)

3:05pm (lots of static)

  • Dead Homiez... Ice Cube (partial)
  • Don't Curse (feat. Kool G Rap, Grand Puba, CL Smooth, Big Daddy Kane, Pete Rock, and Q-Tip)... Heavy D
  • My Mind's Playing Tricks On Me (Radio)... Geto Boys
  • Airbreak
  • Ease Back... Ultramagnetic MC's
  • Black Sheep drop
  • Just Hangin' Out... Main Source
  • Who Stole My Last Piece of Chicken?... Organized Konfusion
  • 3:30pm WPRB concert calendar & ads
  • P.S.K. What Does It Mean?... Schoolly D
  • KRS-One drop
  • Jah Rulez... Boogie Down Productions
  • Microphone Fiend (remix)... Eric B. & Rakim
  • Who's That Girl?... YZ
  • Ghetto Bastard (Everything's Gonna Be Alright)... Naughty By Nature

3:55pm (lots of static)

  • Ghetto Bastard (Everything's Gonna Be Alright)... Naughty By Nature (cont.)
  • Ain't Sayin' Nothin'... Divine Styler
  • Listen to the Bass Go Boom... Powerule
  • Ad for this all-day show/Airbreak (over That's The Way It Is (Instrumental)... Powerule / Interview with Powerule)/Zulu PRB drop
  • Fugitive... K-Solo
  • Jump, Spread Out... Jamal-Ski
  • The Symphony, Pt. II (feat. Masta Ace, Craig G, Big Daddy Kane, Lil' Daddy Shane, and Kool G Rap)... Marley Marl
  • Smooth B (Nice & Smooth) drop
  • Airbreak (over Adam's Nightmare... Tony D / more with Powerule)
  • The Bridge... MC Shan
  • Ads/Airbreak
  • Son of Bazerk drop
  • The Symphony (feat. Masta Ace, Craig G, Kool G Rap, and Big Daddy Kane)... Marley Marl


  • The Symphony (feat. Masta Ace, Craig G, Kool G Rap, and Big Daddy Kane)... Marley Marl (cont.)
  • Funky for You... Nice & Smooth
  • Brand Nubian... Brand Nubian
  • That's The Way It Is... Powerule
  • Airbreak (over Eat Em Up L Chill (Instrumental)... L.L. Cool J)/Ads/Airbreak into Eazy's set
  • Can't Truss It... Public Enemy
  • KRS-One drop
  • Love's Gonna Get'cha (Material Love)... Boogie Down Productions
  • Everything I Own... D. Moet And X-Calibur
  • It's Yours... T La Rock
  • Check the Rhime... A Tribe Called Quest
  • The Gas Face (feat. Zev Love X)... 3rd Bass
  • Airbreak (the halfway point)

5:17pm (estimated)

  • Airbreak (cont.)/Ads/Airbreak
  • Letter to the Better... Ace & Action
  • Pump That Bass/Live (Get A Little Stupid... HO!)... Original Concept
  • Triple Threat... Z-3 MC's
  • Sometimes I Rhyme Slow... Nice & Smooth
  • U Know What Time it Is... Grandmaster Flash
  • To the Max... Stezo
  • Airbreak
  • Naughty By Nature drop
  • O.P.P.... Naughty By Nature
  • Top Billin'... Audio Two
  • Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos... Public Enemy
  • Special Ed drop
  • Small Time Hustler... The Dismasters

6:04pm (estimated)

  • Small Time Hustler... The Dismasters (cont.)
  • Grand Verbalizer, What Time Is It?... X-Clan
  • U R Not The 1... Craig G
  • UMC's drop
  • Airbreak/Ads/Airbreak
  • How I Could Just Kill a Man (Radio)... Cypress Hill
  • Children's Story... Slick Rick
  • Wrath of My Madness... Queen Latifah
  • Funky Potion... Ultramagnetic MC's
  • Road to the Riches... Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
  • Ads/Airbreak (Concert calendar - 7pm?)/Ads/Airbreak

7:10pm (estimated)

  • Five Times the Rhymer (Instrumental)... Deuces Wild (cont.)
  • KRS-One drop
  • Poetry... Boogie Down Productions
  • Slow Down... Brand Nubian
  • Stetsasonic drop
  • Superman Lover... Johnny Guitar Watson
  • All Night Long... Mary Jane Girls
  • More and More Hits... Nice & Smooth
  • Airbreak (over Just to Get a Rep (Instrumental)... Gang Starr)/Ads/Airbreak into Eazy's set
  • Gordy's Groove.. Fresh Gordon
  • Wickedest Man Alive... Naughty By Nature
  • Stop the Violence... Jam Rock Massive & KRS-1
  • It's Funky Enough... The D.O.C.
  • Express Yourself... N.W.A. (partial)


  • Set It Off... Big Daddy Kane (cont.)
  • Gang Starr drop
  • Airbreak
  • Delancey Street... Dana Dane
  • Black Sheep drop
  • Butt In The Meantime (Remix)... Black Sheep
  • Master Move... Masters of Ceremony
  • Kenny Parker drop
  • Ego Trippin' (Original 12" Version)... Ultramagnetic MC's
  • You're Gonna' Get Yours (Instrumental)... Public Enemy
  • Harmony, Jarobi, Big Daddy Kane, Masta Ace, Skoob & Scrap Lover, Chuck D drops
  • Airbreak (8:29pm)/Ads/Busta Rhymes drop
  • La Di Da Di... Doug E. Fresh & MC. Ricky D
  • ?
  • Super Casanova... Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud
  • Rock the Bells... L.L. Cool J


  • Rock the Bells... L.L. Cool J (cont.)
  • Do You Know What Time It Is?... Kool Moe Dee
  • News/Ads
  • Sally... Stetsasonic
  • ?
  • Zulu ID, Blvd Mosse ID
  • Airbreak (9pm, over Adams Nightmare... Tony D)
  • I'm Bad... Too Def
  • Give 'Em A Sample... Too Kool Posse
  • In Control of Things... YZ
  • Thinking of a Master Plan... YZ
  • Butt Naked Booty Bless... Poor Righteous Teachers
  • Time to Say Peace... Poor Righteous Teachers
  • Resident Alien ID
  • Airbreak (9:30pm)/Concert Calendar


  • Ads/Airbreak
  • One of a Kind... Ministers of Black
  • Competition Is None... A-O-K Productions Featuring M.C. Drastic
  • Verbal Abuse... North Side Production$
  • All Praises Due To Outstanding… Blvd. Mosse
  • U Can't Escape The Hypeness... Blvd. Mosse
  • Back to the Lab... Tony D
  • Airbreak (over Tower With the Power (Instrumental)... YZ)/Ads/Airbreak
  • Rock This Funky Joint... Poor Righteous Teachers
  • Ebony Harmony… 360 Degrees
  • The Smooth Jam... Blackmale


  • Crocodile Dundee... YZ
  • Listen to Me Brother... Tony D
  • Can I Start This? (feat. Tony D)... Poor Righteous Teachers
  • Zulu drop
  • Airbreak (10:34pm, over Early to Rise (Instrumental)... Nice & Smooth / Plexx, Almighty, Rahzii)/Ads/Airbreak
  • Girl, You're Wicked (live from June 1991 at the Trenton War Memorial)... Blvd. Mosse
  • Queen Latifah drop
  • Just Serving Justice... Poor Righteous Teachers
  • Lyrics in a Dis... Almighty & KD Ranks
  • Smooth B (Nice & Smooth) drop
  • Ghetto Bastard (Everything's Gonna Be Alright)... Naughty By Nature
  • Kings of Swing, Treach (Naughty By Nature) drops
  • Airbreak (10:59pm, over Get Your Mother Off the Crack (Instrumental)... Audio Two)
  • How to Flow... Nice & Smooth
  • Russian Roulette... Courageous Chief


  • Russian Roulette... Courageous Chief (cont.)
  • Clockwork... Black Poets
  • Special Ed, Ed Lover drops
  • Too Much for the Mental (feat. Rahzii Hi-Power)... Original
  • 2 Black 2 Strong drop
  • Bottom of the Hamper... The Hillbillies
  • T.S.R. (Toilet Stool Rap)... Biz Markie
  • Can't Truss It... Public Enemy
  • Stetsasonic drop
  • Airbreak (11:31pm, Troy Wonder, Original, MC Crush, DJ Abdul Lateef)/Ads/Airbreak into old school break set by DJ Abdul Lateef
  • Old School Break Mix... DJ Abdul Lateef
  • Gang Starr drop
  • Check the Rhime... A Tribe Called Quest (partial)


  • Check the Rhime... A Tribe Called Quest (cont.)
  • Airbreak (over Why Is That? (Instrumental)... Boogie Down Productions)
  • Ads
  • into Eazy's House (w/ DJ X)