Rap Attack

Legendary New York DJ Mr. Magic (born John Rivas, aka Sir Juice) started his career in 1979 with The Mr. Magic Disco Showcase. Over time as more hip-hop was pressed to vinyl, Magic's show changed and became what is widely considered the first all hip-hop radio show, Rap Attack, in 1983 on community radio WHBI.

It wasn't long before Magic made the transition to a commercial station, WBLS thanks to the help of NYC stalwart Frankie Crocker. With Marley Marl by his side, Mr. Magic remained on WBLS until 1989.


9 Episodes in the Archive

August 9, 1985WBLS (107.5 FM)New York, NY
November 2, 1985WBLS (107.5 FM)New York, NY
December 1987WBLS (107.5 FM)New York, NY
December 1987WBLS (107.5 FM)New York, NY
1986WBLS (107.5 FM)New York, NY
June 6, 1986WBLS (107.5 FM)New York, NY
1984WBLS (107.5 FM)New York, NY
December 31, 1988WBLS (107.5 FM)New York, NY
1983WBLS (107.5 FM)New York, NY