Club Krush

April 5, 1990
WPRB (103.3 FM)
Princeton, NJ, USA (Princeton University)

This is the second half of the April 5, 1990 episode of Club Krush. Everybody is in the studio.

Side B features an airbreak where Tone and Eazy bust on MC Hammer. Poor Righteous Teachers are in the house for a great mini-interview. This was the debut of the "Midnight Croon" version of "Rock Dis Funky Joint," which I completely geeked out for.

Later, Tone talks about "that new thing from the phone system" where you can call someone back that hangs up on you.

Side A

  • The Power... Chill Rob G
  • Welcome to the Terrordome (Instrumental)... Public Enemy
  • 911 is a Joke (Instrumental)... Public Enemy
  • Revolutionary Generation... Public Enemy
  • Holy Intellect (Instrumental)... Poor Righteous Teachers
  • Airbreak (over Holy Intellect (Instrumental)... Poor Righteous Teachers)/Ads/Airbreak into Eazy-M's set
  • Push it Along... A Tribe Called Quest
  • Illegal Search... L.L. Cool J
  • The Magnificent... Special Ed
  • ? (Instrumental)
  • Youthful Expressions... A Tribe Called Quest
  • So Whatcha Sayin' (Instrumental)... EPMD
  • Jingling Baby... L.L. Cool J

Side B

  • Jingling Baby... L.L. Cool J (cont.)
  • Airbreak (over Pause (Instrumental)... Run-D.M.C.)/Ads/Airbreak
  • Check the Elevation... Tony D
  • Airbreak
  • Rock Dis Funky Joint (Midnight Croon)... Poor Righteous Teachers
  • Rock Dis Funky Joint... Poor Righteous Teachers
  • Tongue of Labyrinth... Divine Styler
  • Heed the Word of the Brother (Instrumental)... X-Clan
  • Heed the Word of the Brother... X-Clan
  • Airbreak (over Heed the Word of the Brother (Instrumental)... X-Clan)
  • ... into Too Smooth