Raw Deal

December 10, 1992
WPRB (103.3 FM)
Princeton, NJ, USA (Princeton University)

This one starts at about 9:30pm.

The studio was packed full of guests, including Mario Rosemont (host of the “In Tune” video show in Plainfield, NJ), Dr. Z, DJ Kam, Courageous Chief (aka “Horrendous Teeth” according to G), Awol, a boisterous Tony D (fresh from the studio having recording some new tracks with the Poor Righteous Teachers), the Hillbillies (“straight out of Muck Holly”… and seriously, does no one remember “Bottom of the Hamper Jam”?), and others.

Perhaps the main reason to check this one out is the primary in-studio guest: a 23-year-old Apache (RIP). “Gangsta Bitch” had just hit and the album (Apache Ain’t Shit) was on the way. It’s kind of strange to come across this particular unlabeled tape so shortly after Apache’s death.

In addition to the typical “what’s up with your album”-type questions, we find out important things like Apache’s favorite ice cream flavor and how he knows “this thing ain’t gonna last” because he doesn’t like “industry people.”

Side D features a great Thursday Night Live session with DJ Kam on the wheels.

The show features music from Cutty Ranks, Show and AG, Positive K, Heather B, Main Source, Chubb Rock, Das EFX, Grand Puba, Ice Cube, Diamond D, and The Funk Family.

The show closes out with G discussing some upcoming extended-length shows and trading insults with Chief. He also pimps one of the early episodes of Vibes and Vapors.

(This episode was dated by the reference to the 1992 Billboard Awards a day or two before.)

Before this tape starts

  • Officer… The Pharcyde
  • How I Could Just Kill a Man… Cypress Hill
  • Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down… Brand Nubian
  • The Funkiest… Funkdoobiest
  • Murderer… Live Squad

Side A

  • Piece of Reality… Jamal-Ski (partial)
  • Airbreak/Ads
  • Tim Dog Drop
  • I Get Wrecked (feat. KRS-One)… Tim Dog
  • That’s How We Move It (SD50 Remix)… Grand Puba
  • Who’s the Man (Bass Remix)… Heavy D
  • Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang (feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg)… Dr. Dre
  • You Know What I’m About… Lord Finesse
  • Airbreak
  • Halftime… Nas (cut)
  • Throw Ya Gunz (Dub)… Onyx
  • Throw Ya Gunz (Radio)… Onyx
  • Fat Pockets… Showbiz & A.G.
  • Who Got Da Props?… Black Moon (partial)

Side B

  • Who Got Da Props?… Black Moon
  • Airbreak
  • Letterman… K-Solo (cut)
  • Check It (Remix)… Lords of the Underground (partial)
  • Blow Your Mind (feat. EPMD)… Redman
  • Straighten It Out (Remix)… Pete Rock & CL Smooth
  • Airbreak
  • Flash To The Beat… Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five
  • Go See the Doctor… Kool Moe Dee
  • I Don’t Care… Audio Two
  • Medley… Boogie Down Productions
  • In Control of Things… YZ
  • Critical Beatdown… Ultramagnetic MC’s
  • Airbreak

Side C

  • Airbreak/Ads
  • Living Condition… Cutty Ranks
  • He Say, She Say… Showbiz & A.G.
  • A Flower Grows in Brooklyn… Positive K
  • Airbreak (Apache interview)
  • Gangsta Bitch… Apache
  • I Get Wreck… Heather B
  • Sally Got a One Track Mind… Diamond D
  • Lost In the Storm… Chubb Rock

Side D

  • Jussummen (Pete Rock Remix)… Das EFX
  • Back It Up (feat. Kid Capri)… Grand Puba
  • Wicked (Instrumental)… Ice Cube
  • Airbreak/Ads
  • Thursday Night Live
    • Awol
    • Tony D (RIP)
    • Courageous Chief
    • Baby Chill (RIP)
    • Almighty Poppa S-Man (from the Dungeon Lords)
    • The Coup Man (?) (from the Dungeon Lords)
    • EP (from The Hillbillies) (sounds like the only one that comes off the top)
    • B-Struct (from The Hillbillies)
    • EP
    • Tony D
  • I’m Outta Here… Diamond D
  • Anyway… The Funk Family
  • Airbreak