Capital Rap Show

July 14, 1989
(95.8 FM)
London, England, UK

This is another FULL show, a 2 hour Capital Rap Show from July 1989!

Mister Cee and Big Daddy Kanes’ Smooth Operator opens the show as a World Premiere. Dub Plate specials come in the form of Warm it up Kane, Independent Woman, Big Payback and ‘brand new pressure’ from Ultra Magnetic MCs, stay gold ponyboy stuff. The DJ Mark the 45 King production of Double Jay and the She Rockers never sounded so dope, and there’s an interestin convo with Redhead Kingpin [after their support slot the previous night with BDP]. Redhead makes some odd comments about Chuck D and PE, as well as explaining that he had a contract with Sugarhill Records at one point, and the difficulties he experienced. Tim also mentions the forthcoming Capital Radio LA Gear Rap Exchange with Marley Marl, due to start on Sat 29 July 1989.

Durin the Summer of 1989, I travelled to London from Belfast. Since 1986 until I moved there in 92 I’d been travellin twice a year for gigs and pickin up kicks. I was 20 when I taped this. Im 50 now and still noddin my head to it. That’s a testimony to the quality of the recording and the music from the period. I was the oldest outta my mates, and we’d just seen the KRS/ BDP show the night before. My mate Robin had a big Brother, and we recorded it in his flat where we stayed in Kentish Town, North London, directly across the street from the Town & Country Club. When the huge crowds of b-boys and Londons Hip-Hop community were leaving the show, we were drinkin Bud on the roof and lookin out the window at them sportin their Sunday best. These mad visions are imprinted in my head.

For giggles n shits, as well as a Young MC track, keep an ear out for the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels movie ad, and check the She Rockers track that’s supposedly off a forthcoming 12″.

‘Keep it locked to the sound of the drum and the bass’…

Notable Westwood fail: Rockin this Hiney?!

Track List
  • Big Daddy Kane – Smooth Operator
  • Big Daddy Kane – Warm it up Kane
  • Run DMC – Pause
  • EPMD – The Big Payback
  • She Rockers – Jam it Jam
  • Young MC – I Come Off
  • Roxanne Shante – Independent Woman
  • Redhead Kingpin & DJ Wildstyle Studio Interview
  • Redhead Kingpin And The FBI – We Rock the Mic Right
  • Redhead Kingpin And The FBI – Kilimanjaro Style
  • Redhead Kingpin & DJ Wildstyle Studio Interview
  • Redhead Kingpin And The FBI – Do the Right Thing [Soul II Soul Remix]
  • Schoolly D – It’s Like Dope
  • Schoolly D – Who’s Schoolin’ Who
  • Ultra Magnetic MCs – Chorus Line
  • MC Duke & DJ Leader One ‎– Throw Your Hands In The Air
  • Ads
  • She Rockers – Who’s Making You Dance
  • Young MC – I Wanna Rock ?
  • Roxanne Shante – Knockin’ Hiney
  • Ads
  • Positive K – Good Combination
  • Double Jay – Cannibal Town
  • Capital Rap Report
- IrishCraig - RandomRapRadio