KISS FM Rap Show

KISS (100.0 FM)
London, England, UK

Before Shortee Blitz got his own slot on Kiss FM he used to do guest mixes on Max & Dave's show. This one is from late 1996/early 1997 and features music by INI, Gauge, Mike Zoot & Mos Def, Rasco and Pete Rock.

 - DJ Step One
  • DJs/Hosts: Max LX, Dave VJ
  • Featuring: Shortee Blitz
  • Archive notes: "I'd labelled this 1996 but the Mike Zoot and Buckshot tracks are from '97, so it could be early '97 I suppose. The Buckshot track was for Funkmaster Flex's Volume 2 mixtape which Wikipedia says was released 11th Feb 1997 but obviously could've been issued as a promo/white label to DJs before that." - DJ Step One
  • Credit: Crate Digga, DJ Step One (source)
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