Club Krush

August 17, 1990
WPRB (103.3 FM)
Princeton, NJ, USA (Princeton University)

This episode of Club Krush came from one of those colorful Memorex tapes that were everywhere in the late-80s and early-90s. While they were on the lower end in terms of tape quality, they occasionally made things even worse by tacking on an extra 20 minutes of blank tape as a bonus. Unfortunately, tapes over 90 minutes are more prone to breakage. Thankfully, this particular 110-minute tape hadn’t yet snapped, so I wanted to make sure it was archived early on.

The tape quality’s not great and the show’s not terribly remarkable, but it is a solid one with some guests in the studio, discussing and debuting new music. Guests include the Suicide Posse, whose EP had just been pressed, 360 Degrees, whose very underrated EP had just hit stores, and Cut Master B and DJ Juice, who talked up an upcoming North Side Production$ 12″.

There’s a nice blend of an instrumental of EPMD’s “The Big Payback” with the vocals Eric B. & Rakim’s “I Know You Got Soul.”

Side A (53:33)

  • old Eazy-M intro
  • cuts into house show, still considered part of Club Krush intro (Dee-lite/Black Box album mention)
  • G shout outs
  • go back to thursday nights "third week in september"
  • allude to some mysterious thing that's coming up
  • gusto talks about his new album (360 degrees)
  • dj cutmaster b: stop the nonsense/asalaam alaikum (North Side Production$ -
  • howard, aka "tim flippin burgers"
  • Brother's Gonna Work it Out... Public Enemy
  • Proud to Be Black... Young Black Teenagers
  • Not Wit' a Dealer... MC Lyte
  • Special Ed drop (full)
  • The Mission... Special Ed
  • Funky hip-hop sandwich ad
  • Ya Strugglin'... BDP
  • Sons of the Father... YZ
  • Humpty Dance... Digital Underground
  • Intro (a Thursday Night)... drops out just as Suicide Posse introduced (into debut of one of their songs)... static-y
  • Actually... not a Thursday... it's a Friday
  • Jungle Brothers drop (full)
  • Can't Escape the Hypeness... Blvd. Mosse
  • The Bridge is Over... BDP
  • Jazz Thing... Gang Starr
  • Jarobi from ATCQ drop (full)
  • Ed Lover drop (full)
  • Jarobi from ATCQ drop, again (full)
  • It's All About Me (instrumental)... D-Nice (?)
  • It's All About Me... D-Nice
  • Afros in the House... The Afros

Side B (53:40)

  • sloppy break cuts in and out
  • shouts, suicide posse, dj cutmaster b and dj juice
  • g's 30 minutes
  • mentions new krs album (Edutainment, which came out July 1990)
  • mentions dj battle - 9/7, 9/8 - plastic man, stevie d
  • ???... Cutmaster B and DJ Juice (3:55-11:30)
  • Reality... 360 Degrees
  • The Racist... BDP
  • Edutainment... BDP
  • My Name is D-Nice... D-Nice
  • The Music Man... Master Ace
  • break - back to thursdays on 9/17 (eh?) - "We Don't Play" (instrumental)
  • Mic Champion... Suicide Posse (@ 32:20), cuts early
  • Born from the Soul... De La Soul, etc.
  • Funkin' Lesson... X-Clan
  • Swollen Pockets... Phase N' Rhythm
  • Come On, Let's Move It... Special Ed
  • The Big Payback (instrumental)... EPMD w/ "I Know You Got Soul" vocals... Eric B. & Rakim
  • I Got Ta... Master Ace
  • DJs/Hosts: Eazy M, G
  • Featuring: 360 Degrees, Cutmaster B, DJ Juice, Gusto, Suicide Posse
  • Archive notes: This episode is placed as August 17, 1990. Four clues: 1: They talk about moving back to Thursday nights (for a brief time, they were on on Friday nights) in the third week of September, 2: DJ Cut Master B and DJ Juice talk up a DJ competition on September 7th and 8th, 3: G heavily hypes the new Boogie Down Production album, Edutainment, which came out in July 1990 (source: AllMusic), 4: In the August 24, 1990 episode, G mentions to Tone that "Suicide was up last week." This show features Suicide Posse and Tone was not on the episode.
  • Credit: Laze (source)
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