Friday Night Street Jams (PA)

July 1, 1993
WUSL (98.9 FM)
Philadelphia, PA, USA

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Back in 1993, DJ Ran was known throughout Philly, but hadn't yet reached the nationwide recognition he'd see a few years later when he began appearing on WCW television broadcasts, of all places.

This mix is from the July 1, 1993 show Ran did with Don "Mystic" Mack on Power 99.  It kicks off with "Don't Ride Me Now" by Aisha (I think), which is a surprisingly driving track that I don't remember anything about and is followed by a Pharcyde remix instrumental track with DJ Ran cutting Jerky Boys calls on top.  The rest of the set is pretty solid, with a few surprises (like another track by Aisha about having her picture on a million dollar bill and some ragga courtesy of Tiger and Burro Banton).