Fresh Start to the Week

January 22, 1989
GLR (94.9 FM)
London, England, UK

Here, you'll hear George Kay ask all the right questions in an Overlord X interview, there is a fantastic 'Special Report' from Manchester's finest, the mighty Stu Allan [Highlighting the collective spirit of some of the DJs in the UK at the time]. Attempting to educate the London listeners, Stu drops one of his own productions, plays [yet unreleased] demos and throws in two live performances, one from Overlord X, and another from the groundbreaking first ladies of Rap, Salt N Pepa ! Huge propers as ever to Justin Winks.

Track List
  • Hitman Records ad
  • Capital Radio ID
  • George Kay - Ear to the Ground
  • Overlord X - Interview
  • Overlord X - Now My Day Begins
  • Overlord X - Interview
  • Overlord X - Kickbag
  • Overlord X - Interview
  • Overlord X - Weapon Is My Lyric
  • Mic Break - Stu Allan Special Report from Manchester
  • Lady Tame ‎- Loud Ladies
  • Mic Break - Stu Allan
  • Wildchild - Queen
  • Mic Break - Stu Allan
  • Overlord X - Rough In Hackney Live at Manchester Apollo
  • Salt N Pepa - I Am Down Live at Manchester Apollo
  • Mic Break - Stu Allan
  • MC Peaches - Treat Her Like a Lady
  • Mic Break - Dave Pearce
  • Kyna Antee aka The Mistress - Let It Go
  • Einstein - The Freeze
  • Mic Break - Dave Pearce
- Irish Craig - RandomRapRadio