The Mastermind Show

Radio Invicta (92.4 FM)
London, England, UK

This short clip is the legendary Dave VJ [Mastermind Roadshow/Hardrock Soul Movement] on pirate station Invicta back in 1983, speaking to the iconic Fab 5 Freddy during the international Wildstyle Tour that featured Freddy, the Rock Steady Crew, Afrika Islam & Futura 2000. In between the chats are segments of the Japan Tour from ‘Tokyo SKI’, with Afrika Islam on the wheels and Freddy introducing members of Rock Steady. You can watch the CC4 MCs in this video... I'm not sure if Cold Crush made it to London…

We caught up with Dave to ask him how the conversation came about in the age before PAs, runners, assistants and station marketing etc…

He briefly explains that, as it was 37 years ago, the details may be a bit fuzzy, but he has fond memories of the events surrounding sitting down with the iconic New Yorker.

‘I think it was because of Paul Oakenfold, who used to work for Russell Simmons back in the day. He got in touch with Mastermind, because we were one of the few people that knew what was going on in Hip-Hop at the time. What I do remember is that there was a Wildstyle exhibition at the Olympia, which I was believe was being shown down at the ICA down at the Mall, near Buckingham Palace.

He came up to the show, when it was based in Vauxhall, in somebodies’ flat. I think that was Sunday nights/ Monday mornings at around Midnight or 1am, and he just talked about the music he was making and where else they were taking the tour.

As I think about it, Freddy arranged for us to do a gig with The Clash down at the Brixton Academy. Freddy was always at the forefront of everything, he was always cool’.

Big shouts to Dave for speaking to RRR all the way from the Caribbean. You can still pick up his Masters of the Airwaves book.

This cassette was dubbed for me by the MIGHTY James Leacy. Gone but never forgotten.

- Irish Craig - RandomRapRadio