Fresh Start to the Week

April 11, 1988
GLR (94.9 FM)
London, England, UK

This is a beautiful snapshot of Rap & Hip-Hop life in London during the Golden Era of Spring 1988, it features Simon Harris in conversation in the studio, and in the mix. Simon had been to Groove Records ‘The other day’ picking up "Top Billin'", the Lyte as a Rock album, and the BDP By All Means Necessary LP. SOOOO many iconic tracks get played for the first time.

Dave Pearce had so much influence on Rap radio during this period, and it’s so obvious to understand why when listening to this.  HUGE shouts and respect as ever to Justin Winks who pressed the play and record button [in OXFORD!] when taping this show.

There is also a segment of a Silver Bullet session from the year before Bring Forth the Guillotine [The prize from winning the Rapline competition the week before]. It opens with the line ‘Lyrics that explode like a hot can of beans, when I hit the dancefloor, gonna make ya feet steam’…what more can I say ?

Track List
  • EPMD – You Gots to Chill
  • Mic Break
  • Run DMC – Runs’ House
  • Demon Boyz – Northside [Paused short]
  • Simon Harris Interview
  • Grandmaster Flash – Cold In Effect
  • Mr Magic ID
  • Cool Cee – C is Cool
  • Mic Break
  • Simon Harris Mix
  • BDP – Stop the Violence
  • Audio Two – Top Billin
  • BDP – Criminal Minded [Instrumental]
  • BDP – Criminal Minded
  • MC Lyte – I Cram to Understand U
  • MC Duke – I Don’t Care Anymore
  • Latee – This Cut’s Got Flavor
  • Steady B – Bring the Beat Back
  • MC Lyte – 10 Dis
  • Shouts
  • Derek B – Bad Young Brother [Billy Beat Mix]
  • Mic Break
  • Sir Fresh & DJ Critical – Sir-Vere
  • Run DMC – Beats to the Rhyme
  • Jazzy Jay ‎– Cold Chillin’ In The Spot
  • T La Rock – He’s Incredible
  • Kaos – Court’s In Session
  • T La Rock – Breakdown
  • Audio Two – I Don’t Care
  • MC Lyte – MC Lyte Likes Swinging
  • Witchdoctor - R.A.P.
  • Tanya WInley – Vicious Rap
  • Raw Dope Posse – Listen to My Turbo
  • Bomb The Bass – Megablast [Original]
  • Super Lover Cee – Super Casanova
  • Roxanne Shante – Go On Girl
  • Mic Break
  • Hijack – Style Wars
  • Jungle Brothers – Because I Got It Like That
  • She Rockers ‎– Give It A Rest
  • Mr. K – Feelin James
  • Spoonie Gee – Love Rap
  • Demon Boyz – Rougher Than An Animal
  • Key-Matic – Breakin In Space
  • Mic Break[End of Simon Harris Mixing]
  • BDP – Ya Slippin
  • Mic Break*
  • Silver Bullet [From Leighton Buzzard] – Session
  • Rapline Competition – Female Rappers [MC Dee from Shepherds Bush]
- IrishCraig - RandomRapRadio