Blackout Rap Show

DJ Frx & Phat Phillie led a second generation of Croatian radio shows with their Blackout Rap Show that started broadcasting in November of 1993 on Zagreb's Radio 1. They were responsible for organizing a domestic hip-hop scene by producing some of Croatia's biggest rap artists, bringing first rate UK & US artists & DJs to Croatia (OC, Big L, Das EFX, DJ 279, Cutmaster Swift...). Blackout Rap Show aired on a few different radio stations (Radio 1 from '93-'96, switching over to Radio 101 in '97) all the way until 2017.

- Phat Phillie

3 Episodes in the Archive

May 5, 1994Radio 1 (94.3 FM)Zagreb, HR
December 21, 1994Radio 1 (94.3 FM)Zagreb, HR
July 15, 1997Radio 1 (94.3 FM)Zagreb, HRThe Black Spot