The Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Show

November 30, 1995
WKCR (89.9 FM)
New York, NY, USA (Columbia University)

This set is partly from a 27th generation copy of an Underground Flavas tape out of West London and partly from a rip which had been shared on the web a few years back [and subsequently been deaded in terms of linkage]. We’ve bumped the EQ in Izotope, compressed it a touch and tweaked it for your listening pleasure. This show is a great example of why Stretch is held is such high esteem by his peers within the industry as well as the listeners, he may have been a DJ and a host, but the actual mixing, blends and turntable based doo-dads are tight like duck-butts throughout this show. No gobble!

As well as the great music and tight mixing, this vintage classic includes Pete Rock and 2/3 of The Fugees up in the studio as well Jansport sponsored classics. Youll need matchsticks in the eye sockets cos you have to stay up for the PNB sample sale info and Kool G Rap on the phone for some Crunchtime, kiddies.

Tr’mungous sized shouts to DJ Step One, DJ Eclipse, NY CM Mob [Chris Miller], DJ MK, Uni Kone, Derrick from Underground Flavas, Krisch, Aleph, Nes, Big Sleep, Unikone, Serch, Ev Boogie, Pete Rock, Stretch, Bobb & Sear.

Track List
  • Das EFX feat Mobb Deep – Microphone Master [Remix]
  • Q Ball & Curt Cazal – My Kinda Moves
  • Jamal – Fades ‘Em All [Pete Rock Remix]
  • DJ Krush feat CL Smooth – Only The Strong Survive
  • Little Indian – One Little Indian [Buckwild’s Remix Instrumental]
  • Talk Break
  • Mic Geronimo – Lifecheck [Stretch Armstrong Remix]
  • Erick Sermon – Focus
  • Blahzay Blahzay – Danger [Remix]
  • Lord Finesse feat OC & KRS One – Brainstorm [No Gimmicks Remix]
  • Myschief – Anticipation
  • Cypress Hill – Throw Your Hands In The Air [Instrumental]
  • Talk Break
  • Myschief Child Forsaker & Silencer Freestyle
  • Mobb Deep – Still Shinin’
  • Group Home – Inna Citi Life
  • Group Home – Intro [Instrumental]
  • Talk Break
  • Fugees – How Many Mics [Instrumental]
  • Wyclef Jean & Pras Freestyle
  • Redman – Funkorama
  • LL Cool J feat Keith Murray, Prodigy, Fat Joe & Foxy Brown – I Shot Ya [Remix]
  • Freshco Da Flowa – Planet Brooklyn
  • Busta Rhymes – Everything Remains Raw
  • LA The Darkman – I Want It All
  • InI feat Pete Rock – Fakin’ Jax
  • Real Live – Real Live Shit
  • Pete Rock – Greenbacks
  • Mad Skillz feat. The Large Professor & Q-Tip – Extra Abstract Skillz
  • GZA – Killah Hillz 10304
  • Deda Baby Pa feat Pete Rock – Everyman For Himself
  • MOP – Raise Hell
  • Pete Rock And The Lost Boyz – The Yearn
  • Mic Geronimo feat OC Royal Flush & Selow – Men V Many
  • Busta Rhymes – Everything Remains Raw [Instrumental]
  • Talk Break [Roughneck Bastards & Pete Rock]
  • Roughneck Bastards Freestyle
  • InI feat Mekolicious – Grown Man Sport
  • GZA feat D’Angelo & Inspectah Deck – Cold World
  • Group Home – Suspended In Time
  • Big Noyd feat Prodigy of Mobb Deep – Recognize & Realize
  • J-Live – Braggin’ Writes
  • Group Home – Up Against Tha Wall [Getaway Car Mix]
  • Group Home – Up Against Tha Wall [Getaway Car Mix Instrumental]
  • Pete Rock Freestyle
  • Deda Baby Pa feat Sadat X – Escape From New York
  • Royal Fam – Summin’ Gotz To Give
  • Pete Rock In the mix
  • The Fab 5 – Leflah
  • Cypress Hill feat Erick Sermon, Redman & MC Eiht – Throw Your Hands In The Air
  • Group Home – So Called Friends
  • AZ – Gimmie Yours [Remix]
  • Mekolicious – Hope Your World Don’t Stop
  • Jamal – Fades ‘Em All [Pete Rock Remix Instrumental]
  • Crunchtime
  • Pete Rock, Hungry Jack & Lord Sear
  • AZ – Uncut Raw
  • Phone Call FEAT Big Chuck & Kool G Rap [Chuck plays MF Grimm – Aids]
  • Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Raw Hide [Instrumental]
  • Outro
- Irish Craig @ RandomRapRadio