Capital Rap Show

October 7, 1994
(95.8 FM)
London, England, UK

Westwood – "Trust me, people be cryin if they didn’t have a blank cassette…"

Cheo Cokers’ Enta da Stage review in The Source opened with "Hip-Hop’s most electrifying moments often occur off wax". This tape is evidence of that, and the importance of Rap radio.

I wasn’t hitting the pause button alot in 1994, instead as you’ll hear, I used to fade out Westwood in favour of the music. Apologies if the blends sound abrupt, regrettably there are more quick fades on this tape than a Brixton barbershop. Fortunately, Tim doesnt mention "Smith and Weston" once…

Black Moon & Smif n Wessun represent in the studio, the interview kicks in around 38 Mins and the freestyle follows at the 47 min mark. DJ Evil Dee, fresh from his shows on HOT97, is a monster on the set. He appears at 1H 4Mins, cuttin doubles and bringing the flavour.

Track List
  • Snoop – Westwood G-Thing Promo
  • Craig Mack ‎– Flava In Ya Ear [Remix] Feat Biggie, Rampage, LL Cool J & Busta Rhymes
  • Dre & Ice Cube ‎– Natural Born Killaz
  • Scarface – Jesse James
  • OC – Born 2 Live
  • Pete Rock & CL Smooth – I’ll Take You There
  • Gang Starr – The ? Remains
  • Channel Live – Mad-Izm
  • Dogg Pound – What Would You Do?
  • Freestyle
  • Lugz ad
  • Silent Eclipse ‎– Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover
  • Rap Quest/ Zapp ad
DJ Evil Dee [is] on the mix…

  • Take 6 – Spread Love [45 King Mix]
  • Smif n Wessun – Bucktown
  • Smif n Wessun – Let’s Git It On
  • Jeru – Come Clean
  • Black Moon – How Many MCs
  • Black Moon – Murder MCs
  • Das EFX – Kaught In Da Ak
  • Lugz ad
- Irish Craig - RandomRapRadio