Capital Rap Show

February 11, 1994
(95.8 FM)
London, England, UK

This share is dedicated to those of you know who remember this show, ‘You know what the deal is, you know what the real is’, and also for anyone that didn’t listen to Doggystyle when it was new on the racks. When old folks talk about how it was in the old days, like when they’d listen to mixtapes for a whole Summer, or how they’d play a cassette of a radio show in their car for months on end, THIS is the kinda tape they are talking about. Sorry, WE, this is the kinda tape WE are talking about!

This is Snoop Doggy Dogg in February 1994, a day after his first UK performance at Club Equinox in Central London, a few hours after his first UK TV appearance and a few months after his solo LP had dropped and blown up. This is him alongside his cousin Daz, Kurupt and Doggystyle sleeve designer Joe Cool, on the ‘world famous Capital Rap Show’, presented by Tim Westwood. This is when the Big Dawg met Snoop Dogg.

In November 1993, Snoop Doggy Doggs’ Doggystyle was released and went straight to number one on the Billboard charts in the first week of release. It was the biggest selling Rap LP for months, and Snoop D.O. double G was the planets’ biggest Rap celebrity [Some argue that he still is]. The visit came only 5 months after a 22 year old Snoop had eluded officers at an MTV Awards ceremony because he was up on a murder charge, and less than 3 months before Dr Dre, Snoop and Tha Dogg Pound were due to perform at the Pink Lady Music Festival show at the Brixton Academy in London [A now classic live performance].

Within the worldwide Rap community, the streets were buzzing as we all waited to see and hear him. It had been almost 2 years since he’d burst on the scene with guest spots alongside Dr Dre on One Eight Seven, or talkin smack about Tim Dog and Luke Skyywalker on Dre Day.

Snoops’ typical insouciant delivery is there, but there is blatant buzz in the studio as he rhymes along with fam Young Gotti and Dat Nigga Daz. Priceless punchlines in the now iconic freestyle are captivating and memorable to plenty of us almost 30 years later, but the socio-economic statements he makes highlight how having a past in the sets and a future in little league football were all leading him to his current status as a global household name.

Enjoy, cos ‘Now you in the midst of the Dogg Pound crew’.

- Irish Craig - RandomRapRadio

I was amped to find this tape of Snoop, Daz & Kurupt on Westwood's show from February '94, as I had it back in the day and played it to death to the point where I could pretty much recite the live calls word for word (turns out I still can). This was also the only place I had the dope remix of "N!ggaz Don't Give A Fuck" which wouldn't appear in better quality until a few years ago. Once I had uploaded the freestyle for one of the first posts on this blog back in 2009, I sold the cassette to some dude in Germany who then stuck in on a CDR and tried selling it , with what I assume was limited success. Diablo's recording ended before the freestyle finished so I replaced it with the high quality copy straight from the DAT that Westwood himself shared a couple of years back.

- DJ Step One (re: the included Alternate Version)

Track List
  • Wu-Tang Clan – CREAM
  • Wu-Tang Clan – Method Man [Crazy C Remix]
  • UMCs – Hit The Track
  • MOP – How About Some Hardcore
  • Heavy D ft Tru Kula & Biggie – Jam Session
  • Slick Rick – Behind Bars
  • Casual Feat A-Plus – That’s How It Is – Part II
  • Cash Crew Feat Ses 1 – Bring It On
  • Dogg Pound – Niggaz Don’t Give A Fuck [Unreleased Remix]
  • Snoop Dogg – Lodi Dodi
  • Dogg Pound Interview Feat Snoop Daz Joe Cool & Kurupt
  • Dr Dre Feat Snoop Dogg – Deep Cover
  • Dogg Pound Interview Feat Snoop Daz Joe Cool & Kurupt
  • Snoop Dogg – Murder Was The Case
  • Gang Starr – Speak Ya Clout
  • Live Calls Feat Snoop Daz Joe Cool & Kurupt
  • Snoop Dogg – Serial Killa
  • Live Calls Feat Snoop Daz Joe Cool & Kurupt
  • Snoop Doggy Dogg Feat Lil Hershey Loc & Lil Malik – Pump Pump
  • Snoop Daz & Kurupt – Freestyle
  • DJ Biznizz Mix