Underground Theory

June 20, 1996
2RSR (88.9 FM)
Sydney, AU

2RSR's Underground Theory from June 1996.

Track List
  • Ghetto On The Cut (Partial) by DJ Ghetto
  • A Real Freestyle by Volume 10 ‎
  • America by Wu-Tang Clan
  • Natural Disaster (Live) by Supernatural
  • No Nose Job by Digital Underground
  • I Met My Baby At V.I.M. by Kwest Tha Madd Lad
  • Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimaz & Benz by Lost Boyz
  • Physical Funk by Domino ‎
  • Pimp Clinic by Above The Law ‎
  • Pimp Of The Century by AMG
  • Step To Me by Tim Dog
  • Future Rhythm by Digital Underground
- Robert Sacchinelli