The Out to Distress Rap Show

November 30, 1989
(103.0 FM)
Manchester, England, UK

Here  is a show from the North of England, specifically Manchester. The same city electronic music artists 808 State were from, they also hosted a show on Sunset in the 80s, under the Spinmasters moniker, before becoming 808. Liam Howlett from the Prodigy also presented a dance show on Sunset.

Along with local legend Stu Allan and his hip-hop themed Bus Diss show on KEY103FM, Leaky Fresh and Owen D were Manchester DJs that started as The Master Jam MD’s in the early 80s. They'd played clubs and parties and ended up on Sunset 102FM bringing that casual approach in the same way that Max and Dave did in London. The Out to Distress Rap Show was a mix show, with Leaky hosting and Disco Mix Club alumni DJ Owen D behind the 2s and 1s, cutting and blending new releases and chart topping rap each week. Owen came 2nd behind Cutmaster Swift in the UK Finals of the DMC competitions in 1988.

Track List
  • Guy – Teddy’s Jam
  • Queen Latifah & Monie Love – Ladies First
  • Jungle Brothers – Doin Our Own Dang
  • Serious-Lee-Fine – We Can Do Better
  • Ads
  • Roxanne Shante – Fatal Attraction
  • Markey Fresh – The Mack of Rap
  • Dismasters – To Be Real
  • Hijack – Badman is Robbin’
  • Def Jef – Droppin Rhymes on Drums
  • Divine Styler - Play For Divine
  • Craig G – Slammin
  • Ads
  • Jungle Brothers – Beyond This World
  • Steady B – Mac Daddy
  • Big Daddy Kane – Aint No Stoppin Us
  • DOC – Portrait Of A Master Piece
  • MC Rajah – Lyrics With A Vengeance [Get You Back Mix]
  • Ads
  • 3rd Bass – Brooklyn Queens
  • Jungle Brothers – Tribe Vibes
  • Lakim Shabazz – When a Wise Man Speaks
  • Mic Break / Letters
  • Big Daddy Kane – I Get the Job Done
  • Ads & Gig Guide
  • Silver Bullett - 20 Seconds to Comply
  • TAP [Together A Posse] - Don't Bum Rush The Sound
  • Ads: Kev Roberts
  • MC Buzz B ID
  • Redhead Kingpin - Superbad Superslick
  • Mic Break
  • Dee Lawal & Charles [Dee/ Buzz B's Manager] Interview
  • Dee Lawal ‎– The D Don't Play
  • Dee Lawal Interview
  • MC Buzz B - How Sleep The Brave
  • Dee Lawal ‎– Stop The Skeezin'
  • Mic Break
  • MC Martay & DJ DBM - Beyond Control
  • Ads: Greg Edwards
  • Divine Styler - Free Styler
  • Steady B - Going Steady
  • Ads
  • Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince - Jazzy's Groove
  • DJ Cash Money - Scratchin to the Funk
  • EPMD - Big Payback Remix
  • Mic Break
  • Vicious Beat Posse ‎– Legalized Dope
- Irish Craig @ RandomRapRadio