November 1989
2SER (107.3 FM)
Sydney, AU

Madhouse on 2SER, featuring hip-hop and house. Dig the closing cut.

Track List
  • No Sorry by Gino Latino
  • Change (Makes You Want To Hustle) (12'' Mix) by Blow
  • Party For Your Right To Fight by Public Enemy
  • You Ain't Nobody by Kool Rock Steady
  • Bad (Dance Extended Mix Includes "False Fade") by Michael Jackson
  • Unstoppable by Ultra Vibe Jive Tribe ‎
  • DJ Thing's Thang by Ultra Vibe Jive Tribe ‎
  • No Garbage Like The Human Race by Cut Slash Kill
  • So Good by Wa Wa Nee
  • Batdance by Prince
  • Hangin' Tough by New Kids On The Block
- Robert Sacchinelli