Funkin' Lessons

September 27, 1995
2MBS (102.5 FM)
Sydney, AU

September 27, 1995 edition of 2MBS' Funkin' Lessons.

  • Relax With Pep Part 5 by DJ Vadim
  • U Can Get With Discs Or U Can Get With Dat by DJ Z-Trip
  • I Mean Bizness by Outlaw Posse
  • When I Flow by Walkin' Large Featuring Jeru The Damaja
  • Trackmaster by MF911
  • Freak The Funk by Stēzo
  • Me Versus Me by Biz Markie
  • Erase Racism by Kool G Rap & DJ Polo Featuring Big Daddy Kane & Biz Markie
  • Drink Away The Pain (Situations) by Mobb Deep Featuring Q-Tip
  • Step Up by Chi-Ali ‎
  • Flex Uv A Finga by The B.U.M.S. (Brothas Unda Madness)
  • Bedrock by Mighty Ethnicz ‎
  • Proceed IV (AJ Shine's Proceed W/O A Pause Remix) by The Roots With Roy Ayers
  • The Symphony, Pt. II by Marley Marl Featuring Master Ace, Craig G., Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap And Little Daddy Shane
  • You Don't Quit by K.M.D.
  • I Need Some Money by Ultimate III
  • Rhyme Animal (Remix) by Side F-X
  • Don't Stop The Rock by Freestyle
  • Renegades Of Funk! by Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force
  • Let's Do It (Remix) by Spike VST
  • The Circus (Let's Get Stupid) by Divine Sounds
  • Breaking Bells (Take Me To The Mardi Gras) by Crash Crew
  • First Priority Jazz Hypnosis by First Priority ‎
  • Give Me The Mike (Is This The End) by The Kings Of Pressure
  • Ya Hardcore (Trip 2 Albee Sq.) by Masta Ace Incorporated
  • Where's Da Party At? by Doug E. Fresh
  • Summertime by Doug E. Fresh And The Get Fresh Crew
  • Out For The Count by Marley Marl ‎Featuring AK-B & Kev E Kev
  • Da Hunt Is On (Radio Version) by Tucka Da Huntaman
  • Breathe In by Howie B
- Robert Sacchinelli