Capital Rap Show

April 12, 1991
(95.8 FM)
London, England, UK

Another Capital Rap Show segment from Spring 1991. Sadly, it’s only an hour long, but this time Tim plays new tracks from the forthcoming De La Soul is Dead LP, cuts off the Terminator X album, the Shabba Ranks & KRS collab that hadnt been released at the point, and again, the LL & EPMD demo of Rampage. Jay the Sultan was on the phone doing the Source Update explaining about, amongst other things, a rap album that was due to be released protesting the Gulf War. The war had ended in February that year and the album was subsequently shelved. It was due to be called R.A.W.: Rappers Against the War.

The Don Gorgon MC Ninjaman makes an appearance in the studio, and stays for a freestyle and a brief interview. Regrettably, the tape was only 60 minutes long. HUGE shouts to Jeremy Relph, to Constanze and Mr Ballentine himself.

Track List
  • Intro
  • De La Soul – Rap De Rap Show
  • De La Soul – Afro Connection At A Hi 5
  • Black Sheep – Flavor of the Month
  • Son of Bazerk – Trapped Inside The Rage Of Jahwell
  • Son of Bazerk – Are You Wit Me
  • EPMD & LL – Rampage [Studio Version]
  • Terminator X – The Blues
  • De La Soul – Pass the Plugs
  • Ad for Gangstarr Gig
  • Source Update with Jay the Sultan [Jon Shecter]
  • KRS 1 & Shabba Ranks – The Jam
  • Ninjaman – Murda Dem
  • Ninjaman – Interview
- Irish Craig - RandomRapRadio