Raw Deal

WPRB (103.3 FM)
Princeton, NJ, USA (Princeton University)

This is one tape I was glad to save - it was recorded over an old bootleg BDP tape (complete with crookedly stamped ink and in-tact recording tabs) that was in rough shape. The tape was warbly and actually locked up, almost getting eaten numerous times during digitization. It required some re-recording and a little audio editing to get a clean rip.

Thankfully, it's safe now, which is a good thing because this one of the last episodes of Raw Deal from 1993 (the show went off the air in March). (There is a slight possibility it could be from 1992.)

Kool G Rap & DJ Polo are supposed to show up, but don't. There's a good discussion of how people from Trenton actually say "Trenton."

Side A

  • Bow Wow Wow... Funkdoobiest (in progress)
  • Fugitive/Long Live the Fugitive... K-Solo
  • Walk Like a Duck... Kurious
  • Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down... Brand Nubian
  • Freestyle (Yo, That's That Sh*t)... Diamond D and The Psychotic Neurotics
  • Flip Da Scrip... Da King & I
  • I Get Wreck... Heather B
  • Airbreak (over Freestyle (Yo, That's That Shit) (Instrumental)... Diamond D and The Psychotic Neurotics)
  • Still The Mic Champion... Suicide Posse

Side B

  • Still The Mic Champion... Suicide Posse (cuts off)
  • ..."What's That?" segment
  • I Get Wreck (feat. KRS-One)... Tim Dog [not on tape]
  • Get Ya Weight Up... Apache
  • Saturday Nite Live... Masta Ace
  • Funky Child... Lords of the Underground
  • Here Come da Hoods... Brokin English Klik
  • Give it Up (Diamond D Remix)... Red Hot Lover Tone
  • Love Me Or Leave Me Alone... Brand Nubian
  • Airbreak
  • ... cuts to bootleg BDP tape

- Laze

  • DJs/Hosts: G
  • Archive notes: "Couldn’t nail down a date for this one, despite mentions of Diamond D being at a YMCA in Camden on Saturday (and possibly Mahorn’s on Sunday) and a big K-Solo/Redman show at the Trocadero on Sunday. (Really surprised I couldn’t find any mentions of the latter shows in newspapers.)" -Laze
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