Club Krush

WPRB (103.3 FM)
Princeton, NJ, USA (Princeton University)

A serious-lee-fine '89 episode of Club Krush featuring tracks like Ice Cream Tee's "To Be Continued" and the Vandy-C produced "Line for Line" by Freak L with Tray-Bag MC. Tone's on the mix. G's sick, but powers through a First Priority giveaway.

Thanks to G for this great quality soundboard recording.

Side A

  • To Be Continued... Ice Cream Tee
  • Reggins... The Blackbyrds (with a little Gettin' Funky (Instrumental)... Kid 'n Play)
  • Dope on Plastic... Uptown
  • Airbreak (11pm)
  • The Message From the Soul Sisters... Myra Barnes (with In Control of Things (Instrumental)... YZ)
  • In Control of Things... YZ
  • Line for Line... Freak L (feat. Tray-Bag MC)
  • Lyte as a Rock... MC Lyte
  • Skrum, And Then Some... The Dismasters
  • Verbal Abuse... North Side Productions
  • My Part of Town... Tuff Crew (with a little Letter to the Better... Masta Ace)
  • Joy and Pain... Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock
  • Airbreak

  • DJs/Hosts: G, Eazy M, Tony D
  • Featuring: Original
  • Archive notes: Exact date is unknown, but there are ads for a Big City Beat Presents Stop the Violence concert, a show at the War Memorial "on the 18th," and a "Spandex Party" (with Spandex, you get in free). Right before the tape cuts, Original says "on May the..." so this is likely from the first half of 1989.
  • Credit: G (source)
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