DNA & Hank Love Show

June 25, 1989
WNWK (105.9 FM)
New York, NY, USA

Some serious deep '89 cuts on this episode of DNA & Hank Love, which also features a visit from the Media Assassin Harry Allen with "Knowledge to Live By." The episode is dedicated to Rev. Al Sharpton.

Interesting ad for "It's a Shame" by Bob And The Mob feat. DJ Slayer & MC Speedo. Uses the same samples as Monie Love's version which, of course, made a much bigger splash.

"Real Deal" continues previous week's discussion.

Track List
  • ?
  • I Got It Made... Special Ed
  • But. I. Was. Cool.... Crush Nation
  • ? (cuts out)
  • 4 at a Time... Freshco
  • Sit 'Em Down (Git 'Em & Hit 'Em)... Sir Fresh & DJ Critical
  • Letter to the Better... Masta Ace
  • Do It to the Crowd... Twin Hype
  • New Revolution... Ice Cream Tee
  • Airbreak/Ads/Airbreak
  • Harry Allen's "Knowledge to Live By"
  • Jam Crew's Film Review of "Do the Right Thing"
  • Fight the Power... Public Enemy
  • Real Deal topic discussion ("How can we the people stop youth-on-youth crime?" part 2)/Fight the Power... Public Enemy