Droppin' Science

April 26, 1999
2SER (107.3 FM)
Sydney, AU

Droppin' Science from April 26, 1999.

  • Don't Let Your Mouth Write A Check That Your Ass Can't Cash by Stetsasonic
  • These Dreams by Defari
  • Underground by Foreign Legion Featuring Natural Fact
  • Kaos by Godfather Don
  • The Rep Grows Bigga by Gang Starr
  • Clown Syndrome by Mass Influence ‎
  • '97 Bonnie & Clyde by Eminem
  • The Spark by The Roots
  • Oh Yeah... by Roots Manuva ‎
  • Cali Kings (Fresh Out The Box) by The Cali Kings ‎Featuring Tha Likwit Allstars
  • Hard Timez by Black Radical MKII Featuring Blacktip & DJ Cel
  • Talking Outa My Head by The Twilight Firm
  • Guillotine by Drunken Master
  • Freedom Of Expression by Flintstone
  • London Posse by London Posse
  • Firm Stance by Mell 'O'
  • Mad Machine by First Down
  • Un-United Kingdom by Killa Instinct
  • Bomb Diffusal by Unanimous Decision
  • Flatline by Gutter Snypes
  • Three Kryed Rape by 3:6 Philly
- Robert Sacchinelli