Droppin' Science

April 12, 1999
2SER (107.3 FM)
Sydney, AU

Droppin' Science from April 1999.

  • Deep Impact by Dr. Oop
  • Good Measure by Emanon
  • The Field by Sound Providers
  • Human Races The Tortoise by Sole & Dose
  • Mysterious Hand by The Isolationist
  • Timeless Void (Remix) by The Isolationist
  • Voices by Godfather Don Featuring Kool Keith
  • Can't Stop by Constant Deviants
  • The Action (Shawn J Period Remix) by 4 Hero
  • Shot Callin' & Big Ballin' by The Whoridas
  • Stabbed By The Steeple by Blood Of Abraham
  • Drama by Da Grassroots
  • E-Z On The Motion by Ghetto Concept
  • Back In The Day by Dred Scott
  • Respect The Architect by Guru ‎Featuring Bahamadia
  • 3 Dimensional by Third Sight
- Robert Sacchinelli