In the Groove

January 13, 1995
2RDJ (88.1 FM)
Sydney, AU

In the Groove from January 1995.

  • Blue Cheese by The UMC's
  • The Devil Made Me Do It by Paris
  • Why Is That? (Cut Short) by Boogie Down Productions
  • My Philosophy by Boogie Down Productions
  • Can It Be All So Simple (Radio Edit) by Wu-Tang Clan
  • May Day On The Frontline by MC Ren
  • Lettin' Em Know by Mr. Scarface
  • New Jack Hustler (Nino's Theme) (Master Radio Version) by Ice-T
  • Crossover by EPMD
  • Props Over Here by The Beatnuts
  • Hip-Hopola by The Goats
- Robert Sacchinelli