Droppin' Science

February 22, 1999
2SER (107.3 FM)
Sydney, AU

This episode of 2SER's Droppin' Science from February 1999 features Sleeping Monk co-hosting the show.

  • Supa Supreme by The Beatnuts
  • The Conceited Bastard by Mad Skillz
  • Zones by Ty & Shortee Blitz
  • Rhyme Placement by Mass Influence
  • S&M On The Rocks by Swollen Members
  • Pendilum by Shabaam Sahdeeq
  • Keep It On The Rise by Defari
  • Bottom Line by Defari
  • Law Of Illusion by Levelhedz ‎Featuring Sereck
  • Eulogy by The Morlocks
  • Tall Poppy Syndrome by AKA Brothers
  • Trouble In The Water by DJ Honda ‎Featuring De La Soul
  • Late Night Action by Organized Konfusion Featuring Boku Rule & Cairo
  • Glen Close by Binary Star
- Robert Sacchinelli