Funkin' Lessons

September 14, 1994
2MBS (102.5 FM)
Sydney, AU

Funkin' Lessons from September 1994 featuring live freestyles from Illpickl and JU of the Smallgoods Posse.

  • Heavyweight (Round 1) by Sharpshooters
  • Rhythm That We Give 'Em by Ghetto Philharmonic
  • Street Jazz by Tribeca Sound
  • Check The Vibe (Check Another Vibe Remix) by Dred Scott
  • The Lesson Pt. 1 by The Roots Featuring Dice Raw
  • Experience by Cutee B
  • The Shop by The Arks
  • Flava In Ya Ear (Club Mix) by Craig Mack
  • Jingle Jangle (Krill Mix) by The Legion Featuring Black Sheep
  • Pray To Da East Part 2 by Maestro Fresh-Wes Featuring Gauge
  • Take It Easy by Mad Lion
  • Hemmin Heads by Mic Geronimo
  • Unbelievable by Notorious B.I.G
  • Downtown Swinga (Radio) by M.O.P.
  • Kaught In Da Ak (Remix - Clean) Das EFX
  • Murder 1 by Powerful
  • Back To The Hip-Hop by The Troubleneck Brothers
  • Beware Of The Rampsack by Rampage
  • I Saw It Cummin' (Zone Mix) by PMD
  • Stress (Remix) by Organized Konfusion Featuring The Large Professor
  • Shack It Up by A.O.K.
  • The Prophecy by The Prophet L-Cee
  • Ibu Gets Lyrical by Sir Ibu Of Divine Force
  • I Thought U Knew by The Wild Boyz
  • Stylin' (Extended Version) by Skinny Boys
  • Take It To The Top by The UBC
  • Live Freestyles by Smallgoods Posse (Illpickl & JU)
  • Left Field (Step To This Remix) by Yaggfu Front
  • Musical Sista by 3 Feet
  • Making Some Change by The Poetess
  • Giggahoe by Shazzy
  • Badd Boyz (Green Lantern's Remix) by The Almighty R.S.O.
  • Two, Three, Break by The B Boys
- Robert Sacchinelli