Rhythm and Vibes

July 30, 1995
WRAS (88.5 FM)
Atlanta, GA, USA (Georgia State University)

Very dope old school set from Rhythm and Vibes on George State University's 88.5 FM WRAS featuring Jazz on the wheels and host Carmella, Chester, and Apple Jack filling in for Randall and G-Wiz.

Side A
  • Listen to the Light... Nile Kings (in progress)
  • (This) Def Jam... Jazzy Jay
  • Two, Three, Break... DJ Born Supreme Allah
  • Dynamite... Masters of Ceremony
  • Small Time Hustler... The Dismasters
  • Glamorous Life... Cool C
  • Airbreak
  • Soulman... Izzy-Ice And DJ Majesty (remix?)
  • Ain't Sayin' Nothin'... Divine Styler Featuring The Scheme Team
  • I'm The King... Raheim
  • Hip Hop On Wax-Volume 1... Chuck Chillout
  • We Don't Play... Freshco & Miz
  • My Part of Town... Tuff Crew
  • mix of assorted breaks
  • Double Trouble At The Ampitheatre... Double Trouble
  • Airbreak (over Feelin' It (Instrumental)... Ultramagnetic MC's)
  • The Assassinator (feat. Chi-Ali)... Style (?) (DJ announces it as Knock 'Em Out the Box by Crazy Mo and Chi-Ali?)
  • Mr. X & Mr. Z Drink Old Gold... Mr. X & Mr. Z

Side B
  • Get Retarded... MC EZ & Troup
  • Hey Love... King Sun
  • Deuces is Def... Deuces Wild
  • The Main Event... Word... Freddy B. & The Mighty Mic Masters
  • Jane, Stop This Crazy Thing... MC Shan
  • Money (Dollar Bill, Y'all)... Jimmy Spicer
  • Bang Zoom (Let's Go-Go)... The Real Roxanne
  • UB Style... The UBC
  • Greatest Man Alive... Three Times Dope
  • Beats to the Rhyme... Run-D.M.C.
  • New Generation... The Classical Two
  • Ready To Penetrate... Sugar Bear
  • Knock 'Em Out Sugar Ray... MC Sugar Ray & Stranger D.
  • Step Up Front... Positive K
  • Marley Marl Scratch... Marley Marl Featuring MC Shan
  • Fresh, Wild, Fly and Bold... Cold Crush Brothers
  • Strong Island... J.V.C. F.O.R.C.E.
  • Let Me Show You... Chill Rob G
  • In Control of Things... YZ
  • Airbreak
  • ?
  • ? (live)... Cold Crush Brothers
  • DJ Premier in Deep Concentration... Gang Starr
  • Jack the Ripper... L.L. Cool J
  • To the Max... Stezo
  • ?
  • Talk Like Sex... Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
  • Gittin' Funky... Kid 'N Play
  • ? mix (includes Five Minutes of Funk... Whodini)
  • DJs/Hosts: Carmella, Jazz, Apple Jack, Chester
  • Archive notes: Date is estimated. It was a little more difficult since it was an all old-school show with no current music to work from. A mention of a movie on August 2nd caused me to place the show on the last Sunday in July (though it could have been the Sunday before just as easily). The ad for the Ray Lovelace exhibition helped me narrow down the year to 1995. - Laze
  • Credit: Martay
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