Funkin' Lessons

April 27, 1994
2MBS (102.5 FM)
Sydney, AU

Funkin' Lessons from late April 1994.

  • Play That Beat Mr. D.J. by G.L.O.B.E. & Whiz Kid
  • Mr. Hook by Yaggfu Front ‎
  • Freaky Note by Raw Fusion
  • Cool V's Tribute To Scratching by Biz Markie
  • Releasing Hypnotical Gases by Organized Konfusion
  • Swing It by Da Bush-Babees
  • Constipated Monkey by KMD
  • Feelings by UMC'S
  • Evil Ways by The UMC's
  • Back To The Grill (Remix) by MC Serch Featuring Chubb Rock, Nasty Nas, Red Hot Lover Tone & O.C.
  • Quinton's Here by Quinton
  • All That by Orignial Flavor
  • They're All Gonna Laugh At You by Class A Felony
  • The Shit Is Real (DJ Slip Remix - Clean Radio Edit) by Fat Joe Da Gangsta
  • Chemical Warefare by Romeo Black
  • Keep 'Em Eager To Listen by Eric B. & Rakim
  • You Must Be Crazy (Brutus) by The Dismasters
  • Fresh by Fresh 3 M.C.'s
  • R U Ready? by Freshco
  • Bodies On The Nine by Funkmaster Flex & Nine Double M
  • Makin A Killin' by MC Sergio
  • Love Comes And Goes by Ed O.G & Da Bulldogs
  • Not U Again by Brothers Uv Da Blakmarket
  • Versatility by Supreme DJ Nyborn
  • Mick-E Outta Me by Illegal Substance
  • If My Homie Calls by 2Pac
  • Real Solo Please Stand Up by K-Solo
  • Brutally Wild by Funkytown Pros
  • Hip Hop VS Rap by KRS-One
- Robert Sacchinelli