Funkin' Lessons

February 2, 1994
2MBS (102.5 FM)
Sydney, AU

Funkin' Lessons from February 1994.

  • Rough House by Rough House Survivers
  • Brand Nubian by Brand Nubian
  • What It Is by AKA Brothers
  • Combined Talent (Cut Short) by Just Us
  • Needle To The Groove by Mantronix
  • Bring It Up by M.C. Essential / A.W.O.L.
  • Shit We Do by Hard 2 Obtain
  • Right To Left by Joint Ventures
  • The Lord Speaks His Mind by Movement Ex
  • Deadly Venoms (Vocals Up) by Prince Rakeem
  • Words From A Genius by The Genius
  • Texas Roughneck (Urban Hustlers Mix) by Papa Chuk
  • Shotgun (Itchin' For A Scratch 12") by Raheem
  • T.D.S. Scratch Reaction by T.D.S. Mob
  • On The One by Clusterfunk
  • Let's Do It In The Dancehall (TNT Hip Hop Mix) by Jamal-Ski The Beadmaster
  • Here Comes Kane, Scoob, And Scrap by Big Daddy Kane Featuring Scoob Lover & Scrap Lover
  • Non Stop (Original Mix) by Scoob & Scrap
  • Having Fun by T La Rock
  • When I Get To Heaven by Ice Cube
  • Dead Love by YZ
  • Ego Trippin' (Part Two) (LA Jay Remix) by De La Soul
  • Come Clean by Jeru The Damaja
  • Funk In Da Trunk by Mesanjarz Of Funk
  • Skills by Crusaders For Real Hip-Hop
  • DJ K La Boss by EPMD
  • Attack From The Rear by Tuff Crew
  • Merrick Blvd by Main Source
  • I Get Rough by Mikey-D & The L.A. Posse
  • Brooklyn Battles by Master Ace
  • Take It From The Top by Hardcore
  • 187 He Wrote by Spice 1
  • I Know You Got Soul by Eric B. & Rakim
  • 30 Days by Run-D.M.C.
  • Ease Back by Ultramagnetic MC's
  • Clear The Way by Blade
- Robert Sacchinelli