Funkin' Lessons

December 22, 1993
2MBS (102.5 FM)
Sydney, AU

A late-December '93 episode of Funkin' Lessons.

  • Talkin' Loud by M.C. Tee & Lord Tasheem
  • Freakit (Remix) by Das EFX
  • The 900 Number (Vocal) by The 45 King Featuring Lakim Shabazz
  • I'm Not Playing by Ultimate Force
  • Carry The Way (Along Time) by Digital Underground
  • Phonkie Melodia by Tha Mexakinz
  • Uptown *hit by Kurious Featuring The Constipated Monkeys
  • Unknown by Vitamin D
  • Itz Da Joint by Joint Ventures 
  • Swung It, Blunted, Brung It by Daddy-O
  • Way Wit Words by Original Flavor
  • Pistolgrip-Pump by Volume 10 ‎
  • L.I. Groove by Hard 2 Obtain
  • Busted Loop by Yaggfu Front
  • Rampage/Outta Control by Raw Breed Featuring Godfather Don, Grandmaster Mel & Kool Keith
  • Greatest Man Alive by Three Times Dope
  • Ride The Crossfade by Jewel T
  • Spoonin Rap (Live) by Spoonie Gee ‎
  • Butterfly Style (It's Yours 93) by Funkmaster Flex Featuring T La Rock
  • Tha Other Side by Anttex
  • Streets Of The Ghetto by Ed O.G & Da Bulldogs
  • Down With The King (Cool Breeze Mix) by Run-DMC
  • Tuff Is In The House by Tuff Crew
  • Street Life by Intelligent Hoodlum
  • Sticky Fingers by Coolio ‎
  • Living Like There Ain't No Tomorrow by Fūgees (Tranzlator Crew)
  • From The Bridge Of London by Points Proven Featuring M.A.D.
  • Mindflip by Paradox
  • Hate by Giant Size C
  • Ill Funk Freaker by Express
  • Lyrical Content by MC Toro
  • Chris Missed The Point by Def Wish Cast
  • Danger Rush by JC-001
- Robert Sacchinelli