March 1991
2SER (107.3 FM)
Sydney, AU

Madhouse on Sydney's 2SER.

  • Phunky Az Phuck by Def Jef
  • Just Got Laid by Taking Your Business
  • The Mack Of Rap by Markey Fresh
  • Positive Sound by Nile Kings
  • When The Road Is Covered With Snow by YZ
  • Executive Class by Double XX Posse
  • Wishing On A Star by Brothers From Another Planet
  • It's My World by Brother 07
  • Spring Again by Biz Markie
  • Drop The Mic by Breaking The Illusion
  • Versatility by Supreme DJ Nyborn
  • Pages And Pages by Caveman
  • Lyrical Machine by Stereo MC's
  • Takin' Out Suckers by Mykrophone
  • My Part Of Town (Remix) by Tuff Crew
  • Dope On Plastic by Uptown
  • Explicit Lyrics by 3 Wize Men
  • The Dub B.U. Just Begun by Low Profile
  • Clap Your Hands by Unknown
  • Get On Down by Alliance
  • Unity Part 2 by Solid Posse
- Robert Sacchinelli