Radio Therapy

August 1990
2RRR (88.5 FM)
Sydney, AU

Radio Therapy from Sydney.

  • Ready 2 Attack by Special Ed
  • Now It Sounds Like A Record by Smooth Ice
  • Mamolapenga by Luke Featuring The 2 Live Crew
  • Back To Boom by Kid Sensation
  • Microphone Check by Intelligent Hoodlum
  • Do It Again by Smooth Ice
  • On The Fro Farm by The Afros
  • This Jams For You by The Afros
  • Daydreaming by Massive Attack
  • Together As One by Spider
  • Sunrise by Movement 98 Featuring Carroll Thompson With Cinderella
  • Crumbs On The Table by D-Nice
  • I'm Coming Out by Munchie
  • What Is Love? by Deee-Lite
  • Come And Fly With Me (Da Posse's Monster Mix) by DJ Pierre
  • Inside Out by Electribe 101
  • Afro Like A Mutha by The Afros
  • Better Luck Next Time by The Afros
  • Seatown Ballers by Kid Sensation
  • In The Ways Of The Scales by X-Clan
  • Beepers (Instrumental) by Sir Mix-A-Lot
  • Back To Reality by Intelligent Hoodlum

- Robert Sacchinelli