Radio Therapy

July 1990
2RRR (88.5 FM)
Sydney, AU

Radio Therapy from Sydney in July 1990.

  • Hip Hop Creature by Mellow Man Ace
  • Tower With The Power by YZ
  • No Justice, No Peace by Intelligent Hoodlum
  • Ride The Pressure by Coldcut
  • Welcome To My Groove (Hurley's Hip House Mix) by Mellow Man Ace
  • You're Mine (Shake'em Up Groove Mix) by Reese
  • Monie In The Middle by Monie Love
  • Crime Story by M.C. Hammer
  • I Won't Dance by Planet X
  • Diss Fe Liar by YZ
  • Face Down A-- Up by Luke Featuring The 2 Live Crew
  • Bass 9-1-7 by Luke Featuring The 2 Live Crew
  • Trag Invasion by Intelligent Hoodlum
  • The Verdict by Professor Griff And The Last Asiatic Disciples
  • 2 Steps Ahead by Gang Starr
  • The Real Rock by Shinehead¬†
- Robert Sacchinelli