Radio Therapy

May 1990
2RRR (88.5 FM)
Sydney, AU

Radio Therapy from May 1990.

  • Find A Way by Coldcut Featuring Queen Latifah
  • Black, Rock & Ron (Video Mix) by Black Rock & Ron
  • Nobody's Fault But Mine by Joe Smooth
  • Burn Hollywood Burn by Public Enemy Featuring Ice Cube & Big Daddy Kane
  • Two Seconds From Disaster by Rich Nice
  • This Is A Journey (Progressive Rap) by Side F-X
  • Here Today... Here Tomorrow by Ruthless Rap Assassins
  • Ride The Pressure (Cut Short) by Coldcut
  • Can't Hold Back (U No) by Doug Lazy
  • Believe The Hype by Snap!
  • Warrior (Disco-Tek Mix) by M.C. Wildski

- Robert Sacchinelli
  • Archive notes: Airbreaks cut. From Robert Sacchinelli: "A note about a couple of tracks on these Radio Therapy shows, there was some CB radio interference with random people having conversations over a couple of tracks, but it was only one voice coming through, I actually had to discard a couple of episodes back then because the talking just got too much and ruined the recordings, I'm not sure how it happened but Radio Therapy was the only show it happened on."
  • Credit: Robert Sacchinelli
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