Funkin' Lessons

August 18, 1993
2MBS (102.5 FM)
Sydney, AU

An episode of Funkin' Lessons kicking off September 1993 featuring some old school classics alongside some grittier selections from '93.

  • Spanish Flavor by Mesanjarz Of Funk
  • Puerto Rico by Frankie Cutlass
  • Case Dismissed by Pretty Tone Capone
  • Across 110th St. by Pretty Tone Capone
  • Pick Up The Pieces by Barsha
  • La-Di-Da-Di by Doug E. Fresh And M. C. Ricky D
  • To All The Party People by Grandmaster Caz Featuring Prince Whipper Whip
  • We're At The Party by Disco Four
  • In The House by Run-DMC
  • Unknown by Unknown
  • We Don't Go Pop Like Bubble Gum by Krispy 3
  • Bomb Diffusal by Unanimous Decision
  • Unknown by Standing Ovation
  • Shakaphobia by Standing Ovation
  • One In The Chamba by The Almighty RSO
  • What The Fuck Is The Eightball? by Eightball
  • At Large by Intelligent Hoodlum
  • "P" Is Still Free by KRS-One
- Robert Sacchinelli