Raw Deal

October 15, 1992
WPRB (103.3 FM)
Princeton, NJ, USA (Princeton University)

Jay-Ski is subbing for a sick Kam and Live Squad is in the studio with a world premiere of a remix of "Heartless." Jamieson Gallo from Tommy Boy is there as well, as this was before Tommy Boy dropped Live Squad and scrapped their album. If you're not familiar with the Live Squad story, it's worth acquainting yourself with it.

Zulu pops into the studio during the airbreak at the end of the first side and tries to push for a Thursday Night Live, but it's not happening. PRT's Father Shaheed was in the studio earlier in the night.

Side A

  • Haul & Pull... Daddy Freddy (in progress)
  • Freestyle (Yo That's That Shit)... Diamond D
  • Not Gonna Be Able To Do It... Double XX Posse
  • Kool is Back... Funk Inc.
  • Heartless... Live Squad
  • Ads (Global Productions/'Til Now)
  • Airbreak (over Heartless (Instrumental)... Live Squad)
  • Heartless (Remix)... Live Squad (world premiere)
  • Airbreak (over Heartless (Instrumental)... Live Squad)
  • Murderahh... Live Squad
  • Jah Jah Gives Me Vibes... Daddy Freddy
  • The Formula (House Party)... K-Solo
  • Airbreak (over Lonely Monday Morning (Instrumental)... Snow)/Ads

Side B

  • Ads (cont.)
  • Think B4 U Step... The Funk Family
  • Disperse... The Funk Family
  • Informer (Remix)... Snow
  • Still The Mic Champion... Suicide Posse
  • I Don't Care... Audio Two
  • Ads/Airbreak (over 360° (What Goes Around) (SD50 Remix Instrumental)... Grand Puba)