Funkin' Lessons

July 21, 1993
2MBS (102.5 FM)
Sydney, AU

Funkin' Lessons from '93.

  • Murder On My Hands by Sham & The Professor
  • Mad At The World by Art Of Origin
  • Beat Bop by Rammelzee Vs. K-Rob
  • Puffin' On Blunts And Drankin' Tanqueray by Dr. Dre
  • Just Another Night by 11:59
  • In 2 Deep by NSO Force
  • Monsoon by Black Radical MKII ‎
  • Shadows Of Mayhem by Standing Ovation
  • Punk Shit by Hi-C
  • Small Time Hustler by The Dismasters
  • Justice Not Found by Big Lou
  • It's That Simple by The Jaz
  • Soundwave Sermon by M.C. Rell & The Houserockers
  • Soul Food by Def Jef
  • Reign Of The Tec by The Beatnuts
  • Can I Get A Deal by Mighty Ethnicz
  • Doin' It Right by Maxi Jazz
  • Flow To The Underculture by Greg Osby
  • Ain't No Crime by Positive K
- Robert Sacchinelli