Zulu Beat

June 8, 1983
WHBI (105.9 FM)
New York, NY, USA

Some great airbreaks in this June '83 episode from a couple of weeks before Afrika Islam's 21st birthday.
  • DJs/Hosts: Afrika Islam, Donald D
  • Featuring: Frosty Freeze, Rock Steady Crew
  • Archive notes: Internet Archive item dates this as July 23, 1983, but Afrika Islam notes on the show that his birthday is on Father's Day (he was born June 19, 1962 and June 19 was Father's Day in 1983) and that on next week's show he'll be celebrating his birthday early, which puts the actual date of this show at June 8, 1983 since the show aired early Wednesday morning from 1-3am.
  • Credit: IA: minecrafter523
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