The Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Show

January 1991
WKCR (89.9 FM)
New York, NY, USA (Columbia University)

RRR are extremely pleased to offer another previously unheard* Stretch & Bobbito Show from 1991. This is a full 90 minute tape, tweaked and remastered to make that compressed FM vibe, sound as bumpin as poss. Filled with treats from the time, all expertly mixed, blended and cut the f**k up by one of the finest DJs on the planet. DJ Stretch Armstrong takes doubles of virtually every tune, perfectly and succinctly tearin em all up, while Kurious and Bobbito go ‘live to five’ with studio guests Percee P and legendary producer Easy Mo Bee [who appears on this recording]. The recording is courtesy of Steve [Weevie] Covello, much more vintage Rap radio action can be found amongst Weevies’ deep archives here.

Trumungous shouts to Weevie for the jones…

  • Gangstarr – Who’s Gonna Take the Weight
  • Chubb Rock – Organizer
  • Double XX Posse – Executive Class
  • Master Ace – Movin On
  • Kool G Rap – Bad to the Bone
  • EPMD – Im Mad
  • Stetsasonic – Hip Hop Band
  • Mic Break & Shouts w/ Kurious & Bobbito
  • Bolaji – Massive Material
  • 991 Volts ‎– Champion Of Love Scratch And Hip-Hop Mix
  • Funkmaster Flex & Nine Double M – F.A.L.L.I.N.
  • Leaders Of The New School – Where Do We Go From Here?
  • Run DMC – Together Forever [Krush Groove 4]
  • Lakim Shabazz – Need Some Lovin’
  • Big Daddy Kane – Mr Pitiful
  • Lifers Group – Real Deal
  • Mic Break w/ Bobbito & Easy Moe Bee Interview
  • Gangstarr – Take a Rest
  • ? – Assalamualaikum
  • Stepin Strong – Rhymes Different From The Others
  • Mic Break & Shouts & Bobbito
  • ? – Bust How I Handle It
  • Public Enemy – Rebel/ LL – Mama Said Blend
  • LL – Mama Said Knock You Out
  • Rappin Is Fundamental – Rapping Is Fundamental [Original Version]
  • Three Times Dope – I Ain’t Try’n 2 Hear It